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Alcohol Elimination – Sugar Is Better Than Coffee

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Alcohol Elimination – Sugar Is Better Than Coffee

Sober Up With A Donut – Alcohol Elimination Facts

Alcohol EliminationAlcohol elimination is known to be accelerated by sugar (fructose).  [Keegan A, Batey R Dietary Carbohydrate Accelerates Alcohol Elimination, But Not not Alter Hepatic Alcohol Dehydrogenase, Alcohol, Clin Exp Res, 1993, 17(2):431-433.] In addition, subjects who received 1 g/kg of fructose 1 hour after alcohol did not experience a change in peak alcohol concentration.  Instead, they experienced an increased elimination by 20-30%.  [Crownover BP, La Dine J, Bradford B, Glassman E, Forman D, Schneider H, Thurman RG, Activation of Ethanol Metabolism in Humans by Fructose: Importance of Experimental Design, J Pharmachol Exp There, 1986, 236(3): 574-579.]

Sober Up Faster With Sugar

One study indicates that the sober-up effect can be up to 80%. [Sprandel U, Troger HD, Liebhardt EW, Zollner N, Acceleration of Ethanol with Fructose in Man, Nutr Metab, 1980, 24(5): 324-330, p. 324.] This has a practical effect in hospital emergency rooms. Fructose is used to detoxify alcoholics. One faction with acute alcohol poisoning survived with a treatment including intravenously administered fructose. [O’Neill S, Tipton KF, Prichard JS, Quinlan A, Survival After High Blood Alcohol Levels. Association With First-Order Elimination Kinetics, Arch Intern Med, 1984, 144(3):641-642.]

So what is the takeaway? If you want to sober up faster, i.e. eliminate alcohol, open that box of Krispy Kreme and go to town. That is right, now you have a reason to sugar up after a few drinks.

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