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An Ohio OVI Conviction May Prevent Entry Into Canada (by DaytonDUI)

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An Ohio OVI Conviction May Prevent Entry Into Canada (by DaytonDUI)

Driving Under the Influence May Prevent Entry Into Canada

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Canada places strict limits on who may enter.  One of the most vexing restrictions is the Criminal Inadmissibility due to a DUI charge.  Shockingly, you may also be denied admission due to the conduct of a dependent who has a prior DUI offense.  Obviously, the best way to prevent a problem is to hire an aggressive DUI/OVI attorney who will fight to prevent a conviction.  Tell your Ohio OVI attorney about any Canadian travel you regularly take or may be required to take for your business.  However, if you have been previously convicted of a DUI you should contact a qualified immigration attorney who can address your issues prior to your planned trip.  HERE is a link to a firm which specializes in immigration issues (please note we have no relationship with this firm, they just provide good information).

Criminal inadmissibility can be overcome permanently by Criminal Rehabilitation or temporarily by obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit.  There are two ways to be deemed Criminally Rehabilitated.  The first is to be “Deemed Rehabilitated.”  If you have only been convicted of a single DUI/OVI offense and ten (10) years have elapsed since completion of the sentence you can be deemed rehabilitated.  Yes, you read that right…  TEN YEARS are required to rehabilitate a DUI conviction.  Please also note that the ten years starts after completion of the sentence, not ten years from the date of the offense. Canada also allows you to “Apply for Rehabilitation.”  To be eligible, a period of five (5) years from the completion of the entire sentence must have elapsed.  If you have more than one DUI offense you must “Apply for Rehabilitation” because the “Deemed Rehabilitated” status only applies to first offenders.  You can also overcome inadmissibility by applying for an receiving a Temporary Residence Permit.  You have to state with particularity why you wish to enter the country and satisfy Canadian immigration officials that you should be allowed to enter.

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