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Dayton DUI Checkpoint Announced

The Combined Agency OVI Task Force of Montgomery County announced that they will operate a sobriety checkpoint this weekend.  As is their custom, they will not reveal the location of this checkpoint until later in the week.  If you find yourself in need of an attorney who has experience handling checkpoint cases, contact attorney Charles Rowland at (937) 318-1DUI or visit www.DaytonDUI.com for more information. ...

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DUI/OVI Checkpoint Update May 7-10, 2010

We have checked with all of our regular sources and there are no planned DUI/OVI sobriety checkpoints this weekend.  Please be safe and designate a driver.  If you find yourself in need of an attorney contact Charles M. Rowland II on his 24/7 DUI Hotline at 937-776-2671 or visit www.DaytonDUI.com.  You can stay aware of DUI news by following Twitter.com/DaytonDUI and if you need immediate help, text DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500. ...

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Miami Valley DUI Checkpoint Update April 30-May 2

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="137" caption="Image via Wikipedia"][/caption]Friday DUI Checkpoint Update: Our sources say no checkpoints this weekend in the Miami Valley. Who do we check with? WHIO News, Beavercreek PD, Ohio State Highway Patrol in Greene, Montgomery and Clark, Clark & Montgomery Sheriff, and DUI Taskforce. ...

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Middletown Ohio DUI Checkpoint Announced

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image by Sherm Cohen via Flickr"][/caption]Middletown police will coordinate with the highway patrol for a local DUI checkpoint on March 27. The checkpoint location will be released earlier that day. If you need to contact the Middletown Muncipal Court, One Donham Plaza, Middletown, OH 45202, 513-425-7730.If you need representation for a DUI arrest in Middletown, Ohio, contact attorney Charles M. Rowland II at 937-318-1DUI or 1-888-ROWLAND. ...

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St. Patrick’s Day Miami Valley DUI Checkpoints

The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that troopers will operate multiple OVI checkpoints to deter and intercept impaired drivers this week.The county where the checkpoints will take place will be announced the day prior to the checkpoint, and the location will be announced the morning of the checkpoint.“Based on provisional data, there were 338 OVI-related fatal crashes in which 370 people were killed last year in Ohio,” Colonel David W. Dicken, superintendent of the Patrol, said. “State troopers made 24,245 OVI arrests last year in combating these dangerous drivers....

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KIASU, a trial attorney’s way of life

Kiasu (Traditional Chinese: ; POJ: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing' (Mandarin Chinese). However its actual usage would imply a meaning more approaching that of "dog in a manger", and yet not quite. Examples of kiasu behaviour includes accumulating too much food on one's plate during a buffet lunch in case there is no more later, or joining a queue many days in advance just to ensure that one successfully gets hold of the limited free tickets to events, promotions and shows such as ...

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OVI Checkpoint in Montgomery County set for Jan. 29, 2010

The Combined Agency DUI Task Force of Montgomery County will operate a sobriety checkpoint on South Smithville Road tonight, Jan. 29.  The checkpoint will operate from 9:30 p.m. until 2 a.m. with the help of at least six area law enforcement agencies. “The checkpoint is designed to remove impaired drivers from our roadways,” Dayton police Sgt. John Ross in a news release....

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