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Avoid A DUI This New Year’s Eve (by DaytonDUI)

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Avoid A DUI This New Year’s Eve (by DaytonDUI)

New-Years-EveThe best way to avoid a DUI this holiday season is to think ahead.

I have been defending the accused drunk driver since 1995.  Countless people have sat in my office lamenting the fact that they could have avoided the DUI charge by deciding to hail a cab, call a friend or waiting for their sober friend to drive them home.  It is my belief that the solution to drunk driving as a societal problem involves  focusing on the prevention of the drunk driving situation.  Let’s make things easier for a person to make a good decision.  Here are some tips to help you avoid a DUI this New Year’s Eve and make good decisions.

DOWNLOAD THE DAYTONDUI ANDROID APP. The app is our latest attempt to bring you information on Ohio’s tough drunk driving laws and make it easier for our clients to avoid a drunk driving situation.  The app helps you know your rights and know yourself by providing a drink tally so that you do not overindulge.  You can send safe drinking tips to friends or use the app to find the nearest taxi for a safe trip home.  The app brings you the best of DaytonDUI’s video and audio content and gives you a chance to take pictures and record memories so that you can aid in your own defense.  Our sincere desire is to make our roads a safer place.

1-800-TAXICAB. Here’s an excellent alternative to drinking and driving:  take a taxi!  Sounds easy.  Well it’s even easier now with “One Number Nationwide®” for a taxi from 1-800-TAXICAB®. You don’t have to spend lots of time trying to figure out a local taxi company to call — we’ve already made it easy.  Simply dial 1-800-TAXICAB® or visit The National Taxi Directory™ online to arrange for a taxi to take you out for your night on the town. Plan ahead and go out with friends to share the cost.  Many taxi companies allow up to 4 passengers to ride for the price of 1 — now that makes it super cost effective! And when the evening is done and you are ready to head back home or to your hotel, you already know the easiest toll-free telephone number for a local taxi:  1-800-TAXICAB®.  No matter what you think the taxi fare will cost, it will be worth it in terms of safety to you and those around you.  And of course, the fare will be incomparably cheaper than a DUI/DWI.

OPERATION ARRIVE SAFE. If you consume too much to drive this New Year’s Holiday and you are in Montgomery County your ride is free.  Operaton Arrive Safe, a program sponsored by the Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol will pay for a cab to give you a lift.  This program, which was started in Christmas 2007, has provided over 800 cab rides to prevent drunk driving.  If you need a cab call (937) 449-9999.

NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF DESIGNATED DRIVER SERVICES.  Here’s a common situation.  You have driven somewhere and gotten drunk.  You know you should not drive.  You could take the bus or a cab.  However, that leaves your car behind.  You need your car in the morning.  What to do?  Risk it?  Not if you know to go to the National Directory of Designated Driver Services which covers both Montgomery and Warren Counties.  These service included: Be My DD, Devine Designated Driver, the WrightRide Home,  and Take Me Home Tonight.

CALL A FRIEND/BE A FRIEND.  All of us have friends who we know will find themselves drinking too much this holiday season.  If you fear your friend may need a taxi service/designated driver/safe ride home consider giving a gift card for a free taxi ride at any of the services.  You should also consider offering yourself as a safe ride either as a designated driver or as a person who will drive home no matter what.  If you need help steering your friend to addiction resources or setting safe boundaries for yourself, please contact any of the counselors at TCN-BHS in Greene County.  There are numerous on-line services to help you bring up addiction with a friend. TCN provides 24-hours Emergency Services. Please call 376-8701 for immediate response. 

BE MINDFUL OF POLICE ACTIVITIES.  Anyone who has read this page on a consistent basis know my unwavering opposition to sobriety checkpoints.  I believe them to be unconstitutional and anathema to everything I want America to be.  However, if you believe the United State Supreme Court (see Michigan v. Sitz), they upheld DUI checkpoints under the theory that their publication has a deterrent effect.  We publicize OVI checkpoints because we want to help people know of the police presence and plan ahead.  If this form of deterrence works for you, then please use our site as a prophylactic measure to prevent yourself from driving drunk.

DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland II dedicates his practice to defending the accused drunk driver in DaytonSpringfieldKetteringVandaliaXeniaMiamisburg, Huber Heights,Beavercreek, and throughout Ohio.  He has the credentials and the experience to win your case and has made himself the Miami Valley’s choice for DUI defense.  Contact Charles Rowland by phone at 937-318-1DUI (937-318-1384), 937-879-9542, or toll-free at 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263).  For after-hours help contact our 24/7 DUI HOTLINE at 937-776-2671.  For information about Dayton DUI sent directly to your mobile device, text DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500.  Follow DaytonDUI on Twitter @DaytonDUI or Get Twitter updates via SMS by texting DaytonDUI to 40404. DaytonDUI is also available on Facebook,www.facebook.com/daytondui and on the DaytonDUI channel on YouTube.  You can also email Charles Rowland at: CharlesRowland@DaytonDUI.comor write to us at 2190 Gateway Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 45324.

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Charles M. Rowland II has been representing the accused drunk driver for over 20 years. Contact him at (937) 318-1384 if you find yourself facing a DUI (now called OVI) charge.

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