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BAC DataMaster DMT

BAC DataMaster DMT

Below is a description of NPAS’s latest version of the BAC DataMaster, the DataMaster DMT. This machine is able to print out the slope of the alcohol curve of the breath entering the machine.  In effect, this will demonstrate when a defendant tries to “trick” the machine by manipulating their breath.  It will also limit the defense of the test based on Residual Mouth Alcohol issues.  Don’t get excited, however, they have not been purchased or used by any jurisdiction in Ohio…yet!  Make sure your DUI attorney is familiar with the latest DUI science and technology.  Contact Charles M. Rowland II at 937-318-1DUI (318-1384) or at 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263).

The DMT™ represents a quantum leap in technology for the breath testing industry. It is compact and light weight, the size of brief case.  This latest instrument combines the time proven analytical system of the BAC DataMaster with a flexible, scalable user interface in a service-friendly instrument. The DMT™ is the first breath alcohol tester to incorporate a touch screen graphics display and a powerful embedded PC.  The multiple USB ports enable the use of off-the-shelf computer printers and peripherals. This provides a dynamic control platform that is easily configured to satisfy any present and future needs of our customers. The DMT-G™  includes the same features, but adds an internal housing and connections for calibration with gas standards.

The DMT™ includes the most advanced technology and innovative features designed to enhance and strengthen the credibility of the test evidence:

  • Real-time graphics display of breath profile and alcohol curve during a subject test
  • Full color printouts of breath profile and alcohol curve on the test ticket
  • Touch screen graphics display
  • Real-time critical instrument data such as internal voltages, temperatures etc. (locally or remotely)
  • On-screen adjustment of internal voltages without having to open the unit.  This can be done from remote locations.
  • Local access to previous tests without special software
  • Powerful embedded PC
  • Windows media player audio and video capabilities
  • Fastest signal processing in the industry.  Breath test results are displayed in real time without any delay.

The DMT is a lightweight, portable unit capable of being used on a wide range of AC power, 12VDC and internal batteries for mobile use.  The added processing power allows for better power management and enhanced reliability.

The modular design of the DMT provides easy access for service.

The DMT and DMT-G use the most advanced computer technology available. Our in-house database management and communication software package (DM Host) is available for use with any of our instruments.

Some of the features that make the DMT family the best instrument available on the market today are:

The DMT uses a highly-regulated steady-state infrared source lamp, the output of which is chopped in real time at a speed of 500+ HZ creating a virtually instantaneous sampling of the actual analytical output and enabling the trapping of any anomolies that could be detrimnental to the credibility of the sample.  This is at least 200 times faster than any other technology.

The thermo-electrically cooled PbSe detector operates at about 0ºC. It is a well-established scientific fact that the cooler the operating temperature of a detector, the more sensitive it becomes, lowering the power requirements. By regulating this operating temperature the infra-red detector output becomes more stable, enhancing the repeatability, precision and low-level performance of the DMT.

A folded optical path gives the DMT the ability to perform accurately and consistently at levels as low as .001 BrAC. The infrared energy must travel this full length through the breath sample before focusing onto the detector. This distance permits maximum energy absorption, enabling the DMT to achieve accuracy of ±.002 at a .100 BrAC.  This is the highest accuracy specification in the industry.

A small sample cell ensuring the validity of the breath sample across a wide range of subject vital capacities (lung) and blowing patterns.

The narrow bandwidth optical filters allow the passage of a very limited frequency range of infrared energy, permitting the DMT to be highly specific for not only ethanol, but to the virtual exclusion of other alcohols and potentially interfering compounds. The specificity of the DMT system is comparable to or exceeds that of other systems using multiple optical filters or other technologies.

The Grey Body infrared energy source produces primarily infrared energy with very little unusable visible light. This maximizes the power efficiency, enabling the DMT to operate cooler, with greater stability and more efficiency than with any other type of energy source.

Charles Rowland


Charles M. Rowland II has been representing the accused drunk driver for over 20 years. Contact him at (937) 318-1384 if you find yourself facing a DUI (now called OVI) charge.

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