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DUI Checkpoint Alerts

Get notified for free when there is a police sobriety checkpoint in your area

Get a text alert from DaytonDUI attorney Charles Rowland whenever he hears about an upcoming DUI Checkpoint. Every couple of weeks, you will receive a text message with date/time/location information of an upcoming DUI checkpoint in the Dayton Ohio / Miami Valley area. You can cancel at any time.

Simply, subscribe to our mobile alert using the form on the “Get Text Alerts” tab. Once you submit the form by clicking “Sign Up”, you will be directed to an ENOWIt.com splash page that informs you that you have successfully subscribed to my DUI Checkpoint Alerts. You will also receive a text alert too so that you know it is working.

Better than an app! This system informs you of police checkpoints or sobriety checkpoints without clogging up space on your phone.


Sobriety Checkpoint ahead sign

Charles Explains why he gives out the location of DUI checkpoints in Ohio in this video.


People often ask us why we give out the location of checkpoints and the first answer is it’s law.

The United State Supreme Court decided that checkpoints are to be allowed to exist for a deterrent effect. This means the police are required to give the location of a checkpoint beforehand so it can work as a deterrent.

We want to help the police in that effect. We give you the location and tell you when they are so that you can plan ahead and think ahead. If you ever sat in my seat you would see that a lot of the DUI’s were caused by people who just didn’t plan ahead. Situations where individual’s find themselves in a position where they had no other option but to drive in their opinion. You won’t feel that you are in a position like that if you plan ahead so you can avoid a DUI situation.

Checkpoints Video