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Dayton Cop Block Protests At OVI Checkpoint

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Dayton Cop Block Protests At OVI Checkpoint

The controversy surrounding OVI checkpoints continues.  Citizens opposing the infringement on their Constitutional rights gathered together recently to protest at the OVI checkpoint held in Washington Township on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day).  The Dayton Cop Block organization vows to be present at other OVI checkpoints in the Miami Valley.

As you watch the video you will see both protesters and police behaving very well.  The police officers are doing what they can to keep people safe and the protesters are voicing their dissent in a peaceful way. There could be nothing more American than that.

As you are aware, this author has long decried the use of OVI (so called sobriety) checkpoints as an unnecessary and ineffective. We think that the erosion of the principle of innocent until proven guilty and the precept that we should be left alone unless probable cause exists are core ideals.  Good cops making good arrests are better than bad policy putting police officers in this position. And to underline this point, ZERO arrests for OVI were made at the checkpoint discussed in this video.

Cop Blocking DUI Checkpoint in Dayton from Greene County Herald on Vimeo.

Charles Rowland has set up a checkpoint alert system to notify Ohio locals of upcoming sobriety checkpoints in their area. Watch the video explaining why. 

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