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Dayton DUI/OVI Defense for the Juvenile Defendant

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Dayton DUI/OVI Defense for the Juvenile Defendant

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Under 21 DUIs (Operating a Vehicle After Underage Consumption)

Ohio has declared “WAR” on underage drinking by passing a series of laws designed to present a “zero tolerance” policy toward under 21 DUI/OVI.  If you are under 21 and test over .02% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) you can face penalties including up to 5 years without a driver’s license, as well as up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.  An underage DUI (called OVUAC, or, “operating after underage consumption”) can have consequences on academic/athletic scholarships, college admission, sports eligibility,job opportunities and may present other harsh unintended consequences.  Given the severity of the punishments it is important to consult an attorney who understands the intricate defenses available in DUI/OVI cases.  Charles M. Rowland II has experience handling OVUAC cases and is particularly understanding of the impact a conviction can have, having served two terms on his local school board.  Further, Charles Rowland dedicates his practice to drunk driving defense.  If you need an attorney to help defend a juvenile DUI under 21, contact Charles M. Rowland today at 937-318-1DUI (318-1384) or 1-888-ROWLAND (1-888-769-5263).

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Charles M. Rowland II has been representing the accused drunk driver for over 20 years. Contact him at (937) 318-1384 if you find yourself facing a DUI (now called OVI) charge.

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