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Dayton Ohio DUI, Drunk Driving Checkpoint Set

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Dayton Ohio DUI, Drunk Driving Checkpoint Set

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Justice Clarence Thomas

This weekend the Combined Agency DUI Task Force of Montgomery County will conduct a checkpoint.  The officers will stop cars without any probable cause and make intrusive inquiries into an area formerly off limits based on Constitutional principles.  Many argue that this is un-American.  Writing for the dissent in the case of Michigan v. Sitz, Justice Stevens (joined separately by Justices Brennan and Marshall) wrote, “The most disturbing aspect of the Court’s decision today is that it appears to give no weight to the citizen’s interest in freedom from suspicionless unannounced investigatory seizures.”  Many argue that the DUI checkpoints are pointless as they do not result in DUI arrests, instead many arrests are made for seatbelt violations and “paperwork” issues.  Others (MADD) don’t care that these events are intrusive and pointless because they have “some” deterrent effect.  If you beleive that checkpoints are an un-American (“show us your papers”) show of force by the government, please contact your legislatrue or write a letter to your municipal court judge.  There is hope.  Justice Thomas wrote “I am not convinced that [the checkpoint cases] were correctly decided.  Indeed, I rather doubt that the Framers of the Fourth Amendment would have considered reasonable a program of indiscriminate stops of individuals not suspected of wrongdoing.”

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