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Dayton OVI Sobriety Checkpoint Update: July 17, 2010

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Dayton OVI Sobriety Checkpoint Update: July 17, 2010

I have checked with all of our regular sources and there appears to be no sobriety checkpoints scheduled tonight in the Miami Valley.  There will be two checkpoints tonight in Cincinnati.  The first will be from 9-11 pm, on North Bend Road.  The second OVI checkpoint will be from midnight until 2 am on Colerain near Blue Spruce.  The Clermont County checkpoint will be on Rt. 52 near mile marker 7 (in Neville) from 4-8pm.  The underlying theory of OVI checkpoints is not to arrest drunk drivers but to instill fear of arrest in the law-abiding public.  By advertising these sites, law enforcement instills a state of general deterrence.  To that end, it is a requirement of the checkpoint protocol that the times and locations be advertised in the local media.  Most checkpoints result in more seatbelt and insurance tickets than drunk driving arrests.  Saturation patrols rely on traditional American notions of reasonable suspicion and probable cause and are much more effective at catching drunk drivers than random checkpoints.  Isn’t it time that Americans stood up and said NO to ineffective, un-American, tactics and freed our diminishing police resources on more effective measures.  Playing politics with law enforcement to appease special interest groups [like MADD] is soooo 1999!

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