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Diet Soda Can Elevate Blood Alcohol Concentration

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Diet Soda Can Elevate Blood Alcohol Concentration

Diet Soda Gets You Drunk… Quick!

A new study released in the journal Alcoholism suggests that cutting alcoholic drinks with diet soda makes them more potent than using their full-calorie counterparts. Specifically, researchers found that mixing alcohol with diet (sugar-free) soft drinks resulted in a higher breath alcohol content than mixing alcohol with a regular (sugar-sweetened) soft drink.  And we are not talking about a small difference.  “Participants who drank diet soda with vodka had blood alcohol contents as high as 18 percent more than when sugar-containing mixers were used.”  Why?  Diet beverages, since they contain no sugar, do not trigger the stomach to delay emptying, allowing alcohol to reach the bloodstream more quickly.  Read more HERE.

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