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Marijuana Extracts -What Are They?

Marijuana Extracts Marijuana extracts are a newly popular method of use is smoking or eating different forms of THC-rich resins called. Smoking THC-rich resins extracted from the marijuana plant is on the rise. Users call this practice dabbing. People are using various forms of these extracts, such as:hash oil or honey oil—a gooey liquid wax or budder—a soft solid with a texture like lip balm shatter—a hard, amber-colored solidThese extracts can deliver extremely large amounts of THC to users, and their use has sent some people to the emergency room. Another danger is in preparing these extracts, which usually involves butane...

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Vandalia DUI Lawyer? Call Charlie

Vandalia DUI Lawyer? Hire a Vandalia DUI lawyer and learn more about the court. Vandalia Municipal Court’s jurisdiction serves approximately 83.5 square miles, which includes the Cities of Vandalia, Englewood, Clayton, Union and the Townships of Harrison and Butler, located in the Montgomery County, Ohio.  The Court is located on the 2nd floor of the Justice Center at 245 James E. Bohanan Memorial Drive, Vandalia, Ohio. Hours of operation are  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The honorable Cynthia M. Heck is the elected judge of the Vandalia Municipal Court and will preside over your case.  In addition to Judge Heck, you may also...

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A Quick View From The Dayton Municipal Court (Video)

A Quick View From The Dayton Municipal Court Why did I take a video from Dayton Municipal?  My father worked on the B&O Railroad (later called the Chessie System and later CSX). He started as the iconic steam locomotives were giving way to the classic, sleek diesel trains of the 1950s and 60s. He would always say that his biggest regret was not taking pictures of what a train yard looked like when he started. When I started practicing law, he told me to take pictures of the courthouses I visited. It is one time I took his advice and I'm...

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What is the Legal Limit in Ohio?

What Is The Legal Limit In Ohio? Driving with a prohibited concentration of alcohol in your blood breath or urine is a separate offense under Ohio law. If you have ever heard anyone refer to "blowing above a .08" they are referring to the most common test administered by law enforcement today, the breath test. Revised Code section 4511.19 sets forth the elements of Ohio’s tough OVI law. In Ohio, the legal limit for persons 21 and over is any of the following:.08 or more by weight of alcohol in blood; .08 of one gram or more by weight of...

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Failure to File a Crash Report (O.R.C. 4503.06)

Failure to File a Crash Report You have just been involved in a motor vehicle accident. What should you do? Ohio law says a Failure to File A Crash Report is a violation of law.Ohio Revised Code, 4509.74 Prohibition against failure to report accident says: (A) No person shall fail to report a motor vehicle accident as required under the laws of this state.(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. By law, you are required to report the accident within six (6) months. Failure to file a crash report is not something we frequently encounter. Because, an arrest for...

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Avoid A Memorial Day OVI

Avoid A Memorial Day OVI Memorial Day has always been an important holiday in the Miami Valley. Given our proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the large number of veterans, the celebration here is very special. So many of us have lost a loved one who died in service of our country and many more have friends serving in harms way. All of us at DaytonDUI want to share our sincerest condolences to families mourning a fallen hero on this day. Without their sacrifice the cherished rights I write about, and defend, would be lost to history.I join the chorus...

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Xenia Driving Privileges – Driving Privileges In Xenia Municipal

Learn about Xenia OVI from a defense attorney.  DUI Driver License Suspensions If your license is suspended due to a DUI arrest, you may be eligible for limited driving privileges. There are two kinds of license suspensions in a DUI case. If you refuse a breath test, blood test, or urine test, or if you tested over the limit, you are subjected to an Administrative License Suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you are found guilty of DUI, you are given a Court Suspension by the judge as part of the sentence for DUI. Limited Driving Privileges A court can authorize...

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Trotwood DUI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

Trotwood DUI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II - Ready to help defend you. If you are accused of drunk driving in Trotwood, Ohio, your misdemeanor Trotwood DUI (operating a vehicle impaired) case will be heard in the Montgomery County Municipal Court, Western Division.  The jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Municipal Court, Western Divison covers most of north-west Montgomery County, Ohio . In addition to Trotwood, it includes the cities of, Brookville, Phillipsburg, the Village of New Lebanon and parts of Verona.  While many people refer to this Court as the Trotwood Municipal Court, you can see the jurisdiction of the court is much broader.  Your case will be heard by...

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The National College for DUI Defense

What Is The National College For DUI Defense? The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. (NCDD) is a professional, non-profit corporation dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar, and to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as a specialty area of law practice. The National College is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. It consists of a governing Board of Regents, a Founding Membership, a Sustaining Membership and a General Membership.National College for DUI Defense members represent the most experienced DUI defense attorneys in the country. The original Founding Members funded the establishment of the college,...

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