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DUI Case Argued Before U.S. Supreme Court (Bullcoming v. New Mexico)

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DUI Case Argued Before U.S. Supreme Court (Bullcoming v. New Mexico)

The Supreme Court of the United States. Washin...

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Is An Analyst Required To Appear In Court?

The United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Bullcoming v. State of New Mexic0 (Docket No. 09-10876) to decide “whether the Confrontation Clause permits the prosecution to introduce testimonial statements of a nontestifying forensic analyst through the in-court testimony of a supervisor or other person who did not perform or observe the laboratory analysis described in the statements.”  According the the National College for DUI Defense, Stanford Associate Law professor Jeffrey L. Fisher, who brought and won the Crawford and Melindez-Diaz cases is slated to handle oral arguments.  National College for DUI Defense Regent Lenny Stamm and NCDD members Ronald L. Moore and Justin J. McShane collaborated on an amicus brief in the Bullcoming case.  A decision is expected sometime in 2011.

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