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Mandatory DUI Penalties – They Are Harsh!

Mandatory DUI Penalties We are often confronted with disbelief when we inform a recently charged person of the mandatory DUI penalties.  They are harsh! Often, a judge will not have discretion about what penalties to impose. Pleading guilty can cost you in ways you do not contemplate. It is important to speak to a good DUI lawyer.Below are the mandatory DUI penalties for a first, second and third drunk driving charge.  If you have a prior offense within 20 years and refuse an alcohol test, you get sentenced as though you had a "high-tier" result.What can you conclude? Drunk driving is a...

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Lawyer Up! Use Your Right To Remain Silent

I Have A Right To Remain Silent! We frequently encounter jurisdictions that conduct “interviews” with a suspect following an arrest.  These interviews are carefully crafted checklists that gather incriminating statements related to the elements of the crime and further attempt to limit mitigating factors which your attorney may later wish to assert.  You have the right to remain silent – use it!The questions typically seek to establish that the suspect was “operating” the vehicle.  Officers will also ask what the person had to eat and drink, when, where and how much.  Medical issues, mental issues, eye health, and other questions seek...

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Drug Lawyer – Ohio Marijuana Law and OVI [Video]

https://youtu.be/SgNQzYEvAcM  DRUG LAWYER - Ohio has adopted one of the toughest and least popular marijuana impairment laws in the country. This post will provide an overview of how other states have dealt with the issue. Zero Tolerance vs. Per Se Every state has laws dealing with alcohol-impaired driving and drug-impaired driving. But unlike the laws for alcohol-impaired driving, those that address drug-impaired driving are nuanced, difficult to enforce and prosecute and vary substantially by state. In addition to general impairment laws, there are two basic laws that states tend to use when addressing drug-impaired driving:Zero Tolerance laws make it illegal to drive with...

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Dayton DUI Lawyer – Alcohol & The Human Body

I am a Dayton DUI lawyer. If you face a drunk driving charge, please give me a call. Alcohol & The Human Body The pharmacodynamic properties of alcohol classify it as a central nervous system depressant. The more you consumed the greater its effects. It impairs both cognition (the process of knowing, thinking, learning and judging) and psychomotor skills (voluntary movement).  If you think of the evolution of the brain, the affects of alcohol are felt by the most recently developed parts of the brain. These parts of the brain are responsible for judgment, inhibition, personality, intellectual and emotional states. If you continue...

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Drugged Driving Defense Requires Experience

Drugged Driving - Driving under the influence of drugs is the next generation of OVI enforcement in Ohio. In 2014, 10 million people aged 12 or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs in the past year. It's hard to measure how many crashes drugged driving causes. After alcohol, marijuana is the drug most often linked to drugged driving. It has become a priority of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Here are some studies suggesting why they are focusing on this issue.According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 10.3 million people aged...

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Teen Drivers Beware – Ohio’s Rules For Obtaining A License

Obtaining a license has changed for teen drivers in Ohio. Teen drivers face a three-step process to obtaining a license. The first step begins when you turn 15 1/2. At this time you may apply for a temporary permit. Then take the drivers license knowledge exam and the eye test.  If you pass, you will receive a confirmation number to present to your local BMV. You are required to bring a copy of your birth certificate and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.When you are  driving with a temporary permit, you must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or licensed driving...

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Springfield DUI Lawyer – Where To Find Help

As a Springfield DUI Lawyer, I get to help people who are dealing with addiction issues.  To that end, we offer you this list of Clark County service providers who can help. Please follow the links to learn about services and costs.  If you need help, we can help! (Please call me if any of these links are not working...

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Alcohol Elimination – Sugar Is Better Than Coffee

Sober Up With A Donut - Alcohol Elimination Facts Alcohol elimination is known to be accelerated by sugar (fructose).  [Keegan A, Batey R Dietary Carbohydrate Accelerates Alcohol Elimination, But Not not Alter Hepatic Alcohol Dehydrogenase, Alcohol, Clin Exp Res, 1993, 17(2):431-433.] In addition, subjects who received 1 g/kg of fructose 1 hour after alcohol did not experience a change in peak alcohol concentration.  Instead, they experienced an increased elimination by 20-30%.  [Crownover BP, La Dine J, Bradford B, Glassman E, Forman D, Schneider H, Thurman RG, Activation of Ethanol Metabolism in Humans by Fructose: Importance of Experimental Design, J Pharmachol Exp...

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Commercial Driver’s License – Gone For Life!

If you have a commercial driver's license, you are held to a high standard. You see, if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or police officer; you get a second chance. But if you drive a big rig a second mistake can result in a lifetime disqualification. This is true even if your "mistakes" do not happen when you are on the clock. A CDL holder does not have to be driving a commercial vehicle under the influence to trigger a suspension of his commercial driver's license.The first offense drunk driving charge is bad enough. Blow over the limit or refuse...

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Marked Lane Violation – What Is The Law?

Marked Lane Violation: The Cases of Muller, Thomas, Parker, and Shaffer Quick Answer: When a vehicle crosses a marked lane for reasons other than safety, you are able to pull someone over for a marked lane violation.Each of these cases deals with a traffic stop under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4511.33(A)(1) for a marked lane violation that led to arrest on other criminal violations. In general, the law requires drivers to stay, as much as possible, within a single lane and to not move from their lane without first making sure it’s safe to do so. Marked Lane Violation Case Law State of Ohio...

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