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How Does A Sobriety Check Point Operate?

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How Does A Sobriety Check Point Operate?

There are three stages to a sobriety checkpoint. “As traffic goes through the initial checkpoint, everybody stops,” explained Summit County Sergeant Todd Belcher from State Highway Patrol. “Every vehicle is checked. We have about five officers on the roadway. We refer to this as ‘the line.’”

If the vehicle is diverted, they are questioned further. “They ask them a few more questions to see if they still detect the odor or any other signs of impairment. They would probably do standardized sobriety field testing which included checking of the eyes, and the one legged stand test. If there is probable cause to make an OVI arrest, the officer arrests them and places them in the OVI trailer. Then they are submitted to a breath test.”

Type of offense determines what happens next.“If a person tests over the national legal limit of .08,” Deputy Dobbins explained, “they get a 90-day license suspension. If they refuse to take the test, they get a one-year license suspension. After they are processed, they are served a summons,  given a court date, and then they get a sober driver to pick them up and we tow their vehicle.”

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