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Is Binge Drinking a College Epidemic?

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Is Binge Drinking a College Epidemic?

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Many thanks to Dr. David J. Hanson at the Sociology Departmet at SUNY for this great information:

Is binge drinking is an epidemic problem on college campuses in Dayton?

Fact: Binge drinking is clinically and commonly viewed as a period of extended intoxication lasting at least several days during which time the binger drops out of usual life activities. Few university students engage in such bingeing behavior. However, a number sometimes consume at least four drinks in day (or at least five for men). Although many of these young people may never even become intoxicated, they are branded as binge drinkers by some researchers. This practice deceptively inflates the number of apparent binge drinkers. In reality, the proportion of college students who drink continues to decline, as does the percentage of those who drink heavily.

http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/index.html: Wechsler, H., et al. Changes in binge drinking and related problems among American college students between 1993 and 1997: Results of the Harvard University School of Public Health College Alcohol Survey. Journal of American College Health, 1998, 47, 57-68; Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, 1997 (www.isr.umich.edu/src/mtf).

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