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Is It Time For Legalization of Marijuana?

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Is It Time For Legalization of Marijuana?

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Wondering if you can get an OVI from Marijuana? Watch the Video. 

With the Obama administration’s decision not to prosecute medicinal marijuana dealers and users, even though they violate federal law, the country is “probably in the process now of legalizing marijuana,” conservative columnist George F. Will said today.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Will compared what has been happening with marijuana with the gradual changes in laws regarding alcohol, gambling and even prostitution. “We have legalized gambling in this country over two generations. It used to be considered a sin and a crime. With no national debate, and no decision moment, we just did it,” Will said. “We legalized prostitution as anyone who opens a telephone book and looks under ‘escort’ can tell you. And we may be doing, probably in the process now of legalizing marijuana.”

It is not just the new Obama administration policy on marijuana, but the expanding definitions of medical applications for the drug in the growing number of states that allow pot to be grown, sold and used as a treatment for various conditions.  “Now medical use can be marijuana to cure anxiety, to cure insomnia, all the rest,” Will said

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