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Kettering OVI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

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Kettering OVI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

Kettering OVI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

Kettering OVI AttorneyKettering OVI attorney Charles M. Rowland is Kettering’s choice for OVI defense. This article will tell you about the Kettering Municipal Court and the services offered by Kettering OVI attorney Charles Rowland. Let’s begin by accessing the services of the court. If arrested on suspicion of OVI in Centerville, Kettering, Moraine or Washington Township, your OVI case takes place in the Kettering Municipal Court. The Kettering Municipal Court, www.ketteringmunicipalcourt.org, is located at 2325 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio 45420. For directions to the court, click here.

The Kettering Municipal Court

The judges of the Kettering Municipal Court are the honorable Frederick W. Dressel and James F. Long. You can reach the judges by calling (937) 296-2466. The Kettering Municipal Court handles approximately 15,000 cases per year with around 3,000 of those being criminal cases and 10,000 being traffic cases. The weekly docket schedule of the Kettering Municipal Court includes arraignments, hearings and trials. Typically, these are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday morning:
    Arraignments; trials; hearings; changes of plea
  • Monday afternoon:
    Pre-trial conferences and changes of plea
  • Tuesday morning:
    Arraignments; changes of plea; Civil trials; preliminary hearings; trials
  • Tuesday afternoon:
    Small Claims Court; Civil hearings
  • Wednesday:
    Jury trials, as scheduled; trials
  • Thursday morning:
    Arraignments; trials; changes of plea
  • Thursday afternoon:
    Pre-trial conferences
  • Friday:
    Arraignments; hearings; trials; preliminary hearings

Kettering Municipal Court Important Phone Numbers and Contacts

The telephone number for the Kettering Municipal Court Clerk, Andrea White, is (937) 296-2461. The clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Traffic/Criminal or Civil/Small Claims Divisions at 937-296-2461 for assistance with case information or information on paying court costs and fines. Pay on-line HERE.

The Kettering Municipal Court Probation Department can be reached at 937-296-2533. If you are found guilty of a traffic or criminal misdemeanor, and part of your sentence includes probation, you will be assigned to a specific Probation Officer in Kettering Municipal Court’s Probation Department. Ask your Kettering OVI attorney about how to navigate probation and avoid pitfalls.

If you need to reach the City of Kettering Prosecutor (Serving Kettering, Centerville, Washington Township) call 937-296-2549. Contact the City of Moraine Prosecutor at 937-434-6040. If you are arrested on suspicion of OVI, the first task of your Kettering OVI attorney will be getting the information from the arresting agency. In addition, we help by getting your car released from impoundment. Here are some important numbers to know:

  • Centerville Police Department 937-433-7661
  • Kettering Police Department 937-296-2555
  • Montgomery County Sheriff, Washington Township Substation 937-433-0152 (M-F, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) 937-225-4357 (After above listed business hours – MCSO Dispatch)
  • Moraine Police Department 937-535-1167

About Kettering OVI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

The good news is that a good Kettering OVI attorney can significantly curb the financial detriments incurred in an OVI case.  While predicting what an attorney can save you is just as wildly speculative as predicting costs, it is common for many of the costs to be subject to negotiation and/or reduction.  A reduction of the charge will not only lower the possible maximum fines, but gets rid of ugly mandatory punishments required by Ohio’s OVI statute, R.C. 4511.19.  The best way to explore how much a vigorous OVI defense will costs in your case, contact me for a free consultation.

I have appeared in the Kettering Municipal Court since 1995. My very first motion to suppress was in this court. I invite you to check out my credentials. I believe I have amassed an impressive number of OVI credentials that will help me win your Kettering OVI case. Start your search for a Kettering OVI attorney by reading, “Kettering OVI – What Is Going To Happen To Me?” If you wish to speak with me on my emergency hotline, call (937) 776-2671. To schedule an appointment, call my office at (937) 318-1384.

Charles Rowland


Charles M. Rowland II has been representing the accused drunk driver for over 20 years. Contact him at (937) 318-1384 if you find yourself facing a DUI (now called OVI) charge.

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