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Ohio Cities

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We Can Help With Your Huber Heights OVI

If you have been arrested for a Huber Heights OVI violation, please give us a call.I am proud of the fact that I have been representing people accused of OVI in the Huber Heights (Montgomery County Municipal Court Eastern Division) for twenty years. I have set up www.HuberHeightsDUI.com to help you learn about that court and what you can expect.The Montgomery County Municipal Court, Eastern Division is located at 6111 Taylorsville Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424-2951.  You can contact the court’s Traffic/Criminal Division at (937) 496-7231, the Civil Division at (937) 225-5824 and you can fax information to (937) 496-7236....

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First Offense Beavercreek OVI? Here’s What To Expect

A first offense Beavercreek OVI is defined at O.R.C. 4511.19 as a DUI with no priors within 6 years.  A first offense OVI can be charged in three ways.  The first charge is caused by testing over the legal limit of .08% B.A.C. (example O.R.C. 4511.19(A)(1)(d)).  These types of offenses are also referred to as “per se”  violations.  A second way to be charged is for violating the high-tier provision of Ohio’s OVI law.  Ohio has also created a per se “high-tier” limit of .17% BrAC, sometimes referred to as a SUPER-OVI.  The per se high-tier limits for a first offense OVI are set forth at O.R.C. 4511.19(A)(1)(f) The...

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The New Look Xenia Municipal Court?

Ground will break on the new City Hall and Administrative offices on June 3rd, but the Xenia Municipal Court will not be moving. The new 24,000 square foot administration building will house most of the city’s administrative offices and will allow the Xenia Police Division to expand its operation out of the basement in the current Xenia City Hall building.The Xenia Municipal Court will not be moving, but the facilities will be renovated and the court will have access to more of its current building.  Attorneys and staff are hoping for another courtroom, expanded court clerk areas and additional improvements.  And while...

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Franklin Municipal Court Drug Court Is Coming

Judge Rupert E. Ruppert of the Franklin Municipal Court will soon be implementing a drug and a mental health docket. The decision follows a decision by the Warren County Commission to hire a full-time magistrate to help implement the new dockets.  Greg Demos was picked by Judge Ruppert to be the Court's Magistrate. The plan is to have both of the programs up and running by June. The Franklin Municipal Court, like many courts in the Miami Valley, has been dealing with an increase in heroin cases in Franklin, Carlisle and Franklin Township. [see DDN story]We will report whether or not...

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Kettering Municipal Court – What Do I Plead?

On its site, the Kettering Municipal Court offers an explanation of the three possible pleas you may enter in your case.   The court states as follows: Pleas You May Enter and Your Rights Under These PleasYou may choose to enter any of these pleas when you appear before the Judge:NOT GUILTY PLEABy pleading NOT GUILTY, you are denying the charge. The prosecution will be required to prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt at a trial. THE TRIAL WILL BE SET FOR A LATER DATE.If the offense you are charged with carries the potential for jail time as...

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Do I Need To Appear In The Miamisburg Municipal Court?

For anyone facing a DUI charge in the Miamisburg Municipal Court your first appearance in court will be a mandatory appearance unless you hire an attorney prior to the date.  The first appearance (called an arraignment) on a DUI charge requires an appearance. Traffic offenses which are NOT waiverable and therefore DO require a court appearance are as follows:Any felony/ indictable offenseOperating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuseLeaving the scene/ personal injury or death resultingAllowing a minor to drive (no O.L)Driving while under suspension or revocationAll school zone/ bus violations A third or more moving violations...

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Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Honored

Congratulation to Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root on her selection to the Fairborn City Schools Hall of Honor.  The Hall of Honor program recognizes the outstanding achievements of Fairborn graduates, former Fairborn faculty members and those community members who have provided exemplary service to the school district.Judge Root, a 1985 FHS Valedictorian will be honored in a ceremony on April 24th at the Fairborn High School Auditorium.Like Judge Root, we try to honor our home city of Fairborn by upholding the highest standards of the legal community. We hope that you consider us your Fairborn hometown attorneys. Call Charlie...

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The Vandalia Municipal Court License Intervention Program

As a Vandalia OVI attorney, we are often confronted with the reality that current law makes managing your Ohio operator's license a mess.  We spend a great deal of time and effort fixing any issues that you may have had in the past and get you driving privileges.Luckily, the Vandalia Municipal Court offers a License Intervention Program that is accessible to all.  The License Intervention Program (LIP) is managed through the Probation Department.  This program assists individuals in obtaining a valid Ohio operator's license or driving privileges.  The individual must meet the criteria as set by the Court.You can reach...

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Mandatory Appearances In The Kettering Municipal Court

Some people who are charged with an OVI in the Kettering Municipal Court think that they can skip their first appearance. This is not the case.  Many traffic and some criminal citations are payable in the Clerk’s Office and do not require a court appearance in front of the judge. These are called “waiverable” citations. You can choose to appear before the judge on your court date for these citations. Or, you can choose to waive your right to a hearing in court, plead guilty and pay your costs and fines for these citations in the Clerk’s Office. Waiverable citations...

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Fairborn Municipal Court Jury Trial Status

The Fairborn Municipal Court website allows you to check the status of their jury trials on-line [HERE]. This means that instead of showing up at the court unnecessarily, you can check on-line.  The site also gives you a telephone number (937) 754-3040, which provides updated information on whether or not a jury trial will go forward on a certain date.Fairborn Municipal Court services Beavercreek, Fairborn and Bath Township and has concurrent jurisdiction with areas adjacent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. If you are arrested for an OVI offense and need an attorney who regularly appears in the Fairborn/Beavercreek Municipal Court,...

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