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Montgomery County Municipal Court

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Montgomery County Municipal Court

Municipal Court
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Montgomery County Will Get New Court!

A bill signed into law yesterday by Governor Strickland, House Bill 238, will create a new municipal court in Montgomery County by converting the existing county courts.  The current Montgomery County Courts (Montgomery County Area I and Montgomery County Area II) will become the Montgomery County Municipal Court on July 1, and encompass parts of the county not already served by an existing municipal court. The current five part-time county court judgeships will be converted into two full-time municipal court judgeships over the next 11 years.  This means that there will be no changes to the current Kettering Municipal Court, Vandalia Municipal Court, Miamisburg Municipal Court or the Dayton Municipal Court.

The other major provision of the bill changes the designation of judge in the Miamisburg municipal court from part-time to full-time status.

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