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Ohio Blood and Urine Tests for Alcohol

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Ohio Blood and Urine Tests for Alcohol

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Ohio Administrative Code 3701-53-01 sets forth the rules used in blood testing cases.  Like no other area of DUI practice, experience can make all the difference in a blood or urine test.  Ohio DUI defense attorney Charles M. Rowland II has successfully suppressed blood results in OVI cases and has the experience to fight your Blood-Alcohol Test.  Set forth below are just some of the requirement of OAC 3701-53-05:

  • Specimens are to be collected in accordance with RC 4511.19 or RC 1547.11.
  • For blood samples, an aqueous solution of a non-volatile (nonalcohol) antiseptic is to be used.
  • Blood is to be drawn with a sterile dry needle into a vacuum container with a solid anticoagulant, or according to the laboratory manual.
  • The collection of a urine specimen must be witnessed to assure it can be authenticated.  It shall be deposited into a clean glass or plastic screw top container.
  • Blood and urine containers shall be sealed to detect tampering and have a lable with (1) suspect’s name, (2) date and time of collection, (3) name or initials of the person collecting the sample, (4) name or initials of person sealing the sample.
  • Specimens are to be refrigerated when not in transit or under examination.
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