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Ohio Changes Traffic Laws

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Ohio Changes Traffic Laws

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House Bill 2 changed the traffic laws of Ohio dramatically.  Here is a summary which can be found at the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s website: http://publicsafety.ohio.gov/.  Three of the major legal changes are listed below.

1. Increase in speed limits for motor vehicles weighing in excess of eight thousand pounds empty weight or a noncommercial bus from the current 55 to 65 mph.  The new uniform limit would apply on certain interstate highways.  Citations for such vehicle violations will be issues as a violation of O.R.C. 4511.21D2.

2. Requires vehicle headlights to be on at any time when the windsheild wipers of the vehicle are in use because of precipitation on the windsheild.  Warnings will be issued until January 1, 2010.  Charges will be pursuant to O.R.C. 4513.03.

3. New provisions of O.R.C. 4511.213 (the move over or slow down law) add emergency vehicles and road service vehicles to the law.

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