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Ohio Driving Under The Influence Law

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Ohio Driving Under The Influence Law

Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law

I am often asked by fellow attorneys and clients what the best resource for learning Ohio OVI law. The best and most ubiquitous resource is “Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law” by Judge Jennifer P. Weiler and Kevin P. Wieler Sr. In addition to being a trusted resource amongst the bar, you will find the book on almost every municipal court judge’s bench.

ohio driving under the influence lawWhat makes Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law an even bigger resource is the “cheat sheet” giving practitioners a quick guide to most frequently asked questions about DUI law. It is updated every year. Why? DUI law is one of the most dynamic areas of law and “Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law” is designed to be the definitive guide.

As you can see from the picture, “Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law” has been a part of my practice for many years.

Committed to Ohio Driving Under the InfluenceLaw

I dedicate my practice exclusively to DUI defense. Having the most up-to-date resources is part of the job. In addition, for years I have dedicated 100% of my CLE (continuing legal education) classes to DUI defense. I adhere to the principle set forth in Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Successful People.” I am constantly sharpening the saw.

I have been asked to speak on Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law to the Dayton Bar Association, the Clark County Bar Association and the Greene County Bar Association. Twice yearly I conduct a mock motion to suppress for the cadets of the Greene County Peace Officer Training Academy. I continue to seek out the highest level of achievement in DUI defense.

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