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Ohio DUI Alert from Breathalyzer Manufacturer

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Ohio DUI Alert from Breathalyzer Manufacturer

The following is the response provided by N.P.A.S. regarding Ohio’s decision to employ roadside breath testing instruments.  N.P.A.S. is the manufacturer of the BAC DataMaster breath testing machines.

We have received many requests for information regarding the Ohio Department of Health’s apparent decision to purchase products designed for mobile evidential breath testing in Ohio.

We believe our instruments, made in Ohio by Ohio workers, suppliers, engineers and tradesman are the most reliable, and precise instruments in the industry, whether they are deployed at the roadside or in a station.

Here is our take on mobile testing in Ohio.  Van applications (i.e. sobriety checkpoints)  are the most effective.  NPAS instruments meet this portable specification and this will result in more arrests.  Sobriety checkpoints are also a very good deterrant.

Generally, roadside testing can be unsafe for motorists, subjects and police officers.   That is of primary concern.  Breath testing from a police cruiser as opposed to a van has had some success in warm climates.   However, the roadside is an uncontrolled environment as to temperature, pollution, radio frequencies, vibration and other conditions which can effect the operation of an instrument.  As a result, breath testing instruments must account for any interfering conditions, and precisely adjust for them without failure.   It is best to control those conditions to the extent possible, prevent evidentiary problems and maintain the integrity of the test.  Many jurisdictions that have tried this have found it difficult and impractical to do on the roadside from a police cruiser.   NPAS continues its research and development so that roadside testing in Ohio is safe, accurate and effective.

The objective is to remove more drunk drivers from the roads, and to convict them with admissible evidential tests.  We believe that roadside testing from van’s deployed in target enforcement areas will achieve the most arrests in Ohio.  Ultimately, Ohio is likely to utilize portable breath testing instruments in that limited way.

See the NPAS Ohio alert on their web site here: http://www.npas.com/ohioalertIf you find yourself arrested for drunk driving in Ohio, contact Dayton DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland II at (937)318-1DUI, 1-888-ROWLAND or visit www.DaytonDUI.com.

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