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Ohio DUI Blood Testing: Hemolysis

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Ohio DUI Blood Testing: Hemolysis

As blood testing becomes a more favored form of evidential testing in Ohio, attorneys must become familiar with flaws in the testing protocol which may create detriments to their clients.  One such area for consideration is the way in which the blood specimen is handled from collection site to the property room to the Court.

Most blood specimens are collected in Vacutainer tubes which contain pre-measured amounts of preservatives and anticoagulants.  Mixing the specimen and the contents of the tube must be done in a prescribed manner involving the gentle inversion of the tube eight to ten times.   The blood must be mixed properly with the preservative to stop the process of glycosis which could generate alcohol fermentation.  Obviously if your blood sample is producing its own alcohol, the test is flawed to the detriment of the subject.  The anticoagulant stops the blood from clotting so that the specimen can be centrifuged and tested pursuant to headspace gas chromatography.

If the tubes are inverted too vigorously, the red blood cells can be broken down.  Hemolysis is the proper name for this breakage of the red blood cells.  Hemolysis can be detected because it leaves a colored tinge to the serum or plasma fluid.  This is of vital importance to the integrity of the test because the method reading is color density dependent.

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