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Ohio DUI Law: Failure to File a Motion To Suppress

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Ohio DUI Law: Failure to File a Motion To Suppress

Should You File A Motion to Suppress?

Field sobriety test

In State v. Thomas, 2011-Ohio-1987 (2nd Dist. Ct. App. 2011), the Defendant was convicted of felony OVI after a jury trial.  No motion to suppress was filed and it was determined during the jury trial that the officer wasn’t sure whether he turned off his overhead lights during the horizontal gaze nystagmus portion of the standardized field sobriety tests, but stated that it was normal to do so.  An argument exists that doing the test in this manner should result in suppression of the test as the phenomenon of optokinetic nystagmus would create a false positive reading on the test.

Defendant was ultimately convicted and sough an appeal on the grounds that it was ineffective assistance of counsel for his attorney not to have  filed a motion to suppress.  Ohio’s Second Appellate District disagreed, holding that “Initially, we note that defense counsel’s failure to file a motion to suppress the result of the HGN test may have been a matter of reasonable trial strategy, which does not constitute deficient performance. State v. King, Montgomery App. No. 18463, 2002-Ohio-2929, citing State v. Shaw (1999), 134 Ohio App.3d 316, 320.”

This decision is emblematic of the wide discretion given to trial attorneys in the area of tactics and strategy.  It should also serve as a warning to all clients who want to make decisions in their DUI case.  Make sure that you and your attorney discuss the importance of a motion to suppress, and/or come to the decision (together) that the element of surprise is so great that a motion would be unwise.

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