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Ohio Has Declared War on Drunk Drivers

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Ohio Has Declared War on Drunk Drivers

In 1982, Ohio declared “WAR” on drunk driving.  Since that time Ohio has devised one of the toughest DUI systems in the nation.  By creating a civil penalty called an automatic license suspension, even a first time DUI results in an immediate loss of your “right” to drive.  A conviction can result in a jail sentence ranging from the mandatory minimum three days to a maximum of six months and a minimum fine of $375.00 up to $1,075.  Conviction of a first time DUI will result in a license suspension lasting from six months to three years.  If a driver takes a chemical test in which the result is over a .17% BAC, the fines and jail time will be doubled.  This means that a first time offender faces six days mandatory incarceration, a minimum one-year license suspension and a minimum $750 fine. 

The mandatory jail time, fines and suspensions grow increasingly harsh upon subsequent convictions.  A second offense carries a minimum 10 days of jail, 20 if the defendant refuses to take a test or tests over a .17% BAC.  Ohio has also devised a law that allows law enforcement to force a blood draw “by any means necessary” for repeat offenders.  In order to obtain driving privileges, a second-time DUI defendant must buy “party plates” and put them on any car they may drive.  They must also pay for an interlock ignition devise into which they must blow before starting their car.  Conviction of a third DUI offense within a six-year period carries a mandatory jail sentence of 30 days (double for “high-tier” offenders) and the car used in the offense will be forfeited to the state.  A fourth offense is a felony carrying mandatory prison time.

In addition to these provisions of law, Ohio allows law enforcement to conduct sobriety checkpointsCommercial (CDL) drivers who obtain a DUI conviction face a loss of their CDL for one year and, if convicted a second time will lose their right to drive for life.  Conviction will be on your record forever as Ohio does not allow expungement for DUI in most cases and law enforcement is allowed to look back twenty years to force a blood draw should you refuse.  A DUI is always lurking to prevent you from getting a job, a promotion, a company car or a state license.  A DUI can ruin your life.  Diminishments in civil liberties are always a casualty of war and Ohio’s war on drunk driving has been no exception.  You need an attorney who will fight with the same level of passion the state demonstrates in prosecuting you.

DUI is a complex and constantly evolving field of law.  Some cases involve scant physical evidence and require a skilled trial attorney to know the investigative techniques the police use and possess the skill to challenge a cop’s opinions effectively.  Other cases involve a detailed understanding of the chemical testing technique and the forensic science underlying the BAC result.  You need an attorney who has the experience and knowledge necessary to defend your freedom and livelihood.  We fight! We fight against junk science, false convictions, and faulty assumptions.  We fight for families, for jobs and for fairness in the judicial system.

I am committed to being the best DUI attorney in Ohio.  I have spent countless thousands of hours honing my skills.  I have read everything I can read and attended seminars to hear the best attorneys in the country.  I have taken the same classes that law enforcement officers take to master the standardized field sobriety tests.  I have earned certifications on the BAC DataMaster and the Intoxilyzer 8000 breathalyzer machines.  I am the only attorney in Ohio to hold Forensic Sobriety Assessment certification and I have been qualified as an expert in evidential breath testing by the United States government, testifying in court martial proceedings.  I have tried DUI cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney giving me unique insights into how to prepare a case.  Everything that I have done is summed up in one phrase: “All I do is DUI.”

DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland II dedicates his practice to defending the accused drunk driver in Fairborn, Dayton, Springfield, Kettering, Vandalia, Xenia, Miamisburg, Springboro, Huber Heights, Oakwood, Beavercreek, Centerville and throughout Ohio.  He has the credentials and the experience to win your case and has made himself the Miami Valley’s choice for DUI defense.  Contact Charles Rowland by phone at 937-318-1DUI (937-318-1384), 937-879-9542, or toll-free at 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263).  For after-hours help contact our 24/7 DUI HOTLINE at 937-776-2671.  For information about Dayton DUI sent directly to your mobile device, text DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500.  Follow DaytonDUI on Twitter @DaytonDUI or Get Twitter updates via SMS by texting DaytonDUI to 40404. DaytonDUI is also available on Facebook and on the DaytonDUI channel on YouTube.  You can also email Charles Rowland at: CharlesRowland@DaytonDUI.com or write to us at 2190 Gateway Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 45324. “All I do is DUI”

Charles Rowland


Charles M. Rowland II has been representing the accused drunk driver for over 20 years. Contact him at (937) 318-1384 if you find yourself facing a DUI (now called OVI) charge.

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