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Ohio OVI Blitz Continues Through Labor Day

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Ohio OVI Blitz Continues Through Labor Day

This weekend saw local jurisdictions fully implement the annual Ohio OVI blitz known as “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”  The enforcement action will last until September 7, 2015 and will be accompanied by radio, television and news coverage. The efforts are funded by massive federal grants and allows local and state police forces to garner massive overtime for the troops. When coupled with the “cash cow” of issuing multiple tickets (no seat belt, no insurance, driving under suspension) at checkpoints designed to catch drunk drivers we can see why, despite the massive social success of anti-drunk driving norms, your local police will cling to this source of funding.

What is particularly creepy about the campaign is the Orwellian marketing campaign that accompanies the government’s efforts. Police are seen camouflaged creating the impression that they are both a) lying in wait; and b) constantly watching the behavior of law-abiding Americans.  Would we accept this type of policing as normal in any other type of misdemeanor crime?

This year we have seen various groups show up at Ohio OVI checkpoints to protest the invasiveness of these government activities.  As the country turns away from the militarization of the police, rejects policing for profit and moves toward a less pervasive police state, will there be greater resistance to being stopped for no reason to be inspected by a government agent?

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