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What Happens If I Can’t Show Proof of Insurance?

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What Happens If I Can’t Show Proof of Insurance?

Proof of Insurance

If you appear in court as a result of DUI or any other traffic offense, the Court is required to determine whether or not you had insurance at the time of the offense.  Failing to provide this proof of insurance coverage will result in a suspension from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  The suspension will be called and F.R.A. non-compliance suspension and is in addition to any other suspensions that the court may impose.

We Will Help You Show Proof Of Insurance

proof of insuranceIf you hire the DUI law firm of Charles M. Rowland II, we will help you file for privileges under the F.R.A. non-compliance suspension as well as helping you maintain privileges due to any “other” suspensions that the court may impose.  Dealing with multiple suspensions can quickly become a nightmare of escalating consequences.  A first offense in five years is a 90 day suspension and you can get privileges upon proof of financial responsibility.  A second offense in five years is a 1 year suspension, but you have to wait 15 days before the court can grant privileges.  A third offense in five years is a 2 year suspension and the court cannot grant driving privileges.

What Can My Attorney Do To Help?

At your disposition, the court will ask whether or not you have shown proof of insurance. You attorney can protect you from a non-compliance suspension by filing for driving privileges. The request for driving privileges is supplemented with proof of insurance. If you do not file for privileges, your attorney will tell you to bring proof with you. Lately, we have been filing a proof of insurance motion with the court, so that this will not be an issue for our clients.

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