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Roadside Seizure: Some Definitions (by DaytonDUI)

There are a number of legal terms that apply to the government's ability to take your stuff.  Here is a guide to help you understand the different terms which may apply to your case.1. Seizure.  Your car may be subject to seizure at roadside at the time of your arrest under certain circumstances.  The officer's decision on whether or not to impound in an OVI arrest are governed by R.C. 4511.195. However, seizure of your vehicle is required for the following offenses,A second or greater OVI within six years, and any felony OVI offense. see R.C. 4511.19(G)(1)(b)(v), R.C. 4511.19(G)(1)(d)(v) and...

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Vehicle Immobilizations (by DaytonDUI)

An arrest for drunk driving has many harsh and unintended consequences.  One of the most vexing is immobilization. When a person is arrested for DUI the arresting officer has discretion as to whether or not the suspect's car will be towed.  Sometimes safety concerns, agency policy or other  concerns will cause the officer to call for a tow truck to impound your car.  I have also had cases where an officer goes to great lengths to secure a suspect's car so that they will not incur the inconvenience of an impoundment.  As with other aspects of Ohio DUI law, having...

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Out of State DUI?

By Criminal Defense Attorney Mark J. Babb Many clients have asked us about the consequences of getting an out-of-state DUI.  The exact answer is different for every situation, but it generally relates to something called the interstate compact.  The interstate compact is a system put in place where states communicate driving infractions and other driver’s license information to each other.  Generally, states honor suspensions, forfeitures, and other traffic consequences from other states.  If you are convicted of an out of state DUI, the penalties in the state where the conviction took place are generally limited to that state.  However, if your...

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DUI Law: Challenging a Forfeiture

Image by lovelypetal via FlickrFORFEITURE, WHAT IS THE LAW? If you are convicted of any of the following the State of Ohio can, pursuant to O.R.C. 4503.234,  order a forfeiture of your vehicle:a third OVI w/in 6 years (O.R.C. 4511.19(G)(1)(c)(v)); any felony OVI (O.R.C. 4511.19(G)(1)(d)(v) and 4522.29(G)(1)(e)(v)); a third offense of driving under suspension (O.R.C. 4510.11(C)(4)); a third offense of driving under an OVI suspension (O.R.C. 4510.14(B)(3)(d)); a third of subsequent offense w/in 5 years of driving under an FRA suspension (O.R.C. 4510.16(B)(2)); a third or subsequent wrongful entrustment (O.R.C. 4511.203(C)(3)); operating or permitting the operation of a vehicle in violation of an immobilization order  (O.R.C....

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State Must Reform Seizure Procedure

Please visit www.thenewspaper.com; A federal appeals court ruled that Illinois must reform its car seizure rules to allow for due process.The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit earlier this month began to reexamine its stance on the expanding scope of property seizures in Illinois. A unanimous three-judge panel found that Chicago Police violated the federal Constitution in seizing automobiles without offering any opportunity for the accused to challenge the move for up to six months. This finding overturned a 1994 decision, Jones v. Takaki, in which the court sided with Chicago police officers who had taken Marcy Jones' 1990...

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