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Zero Tolerance Per Se Marijuana Laws

Zero Tolerance Per Se Marijuana Law Ohio adopted a “Zero Tolerance Per Se Marijuana Law." It is the harshest and least effective method of enforcement.  To demonstrate how Ohio approached DUIM (driving under the influence of marijuana) let’s look at how other states have approached the issue.Current laws in the United States prohibiting driving under the influence of marijuana fall into one of three categories. Video on Marijuana and OVI charges in the state of Ohio. Impairment Laws Many states prohibit driving under the influence of marijuana (or any drug) to the degree that one cannot safely operate a vehicle, or some other effect-based language....

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Medical Marijuana Rules Proposed

As frequent followers of this page, you know that the medical marijuana regulations are now being developed. Here are the highlights from the proposed rules and regulations.You can learn more about driving and Marijuana laws in this video.  Read the full list HERE.Patients wanting to use medical marijuana in Ohio's new program would have to pay a $50 annual fee for their membership card. The fee would be $25 for veterans or people who receive federal disability benefits. Caregivers and patients would register with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy and receive an ID card to buy marijuana at retail...

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