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New Rules In Effect For Vicodin (Hydrocodone)

Drug Schedules Changing For Some Vicodin - Hydrocodone Combos If you or someone you know takes hydrocodone, you need to know that brand new regulations went into effect Monday, which will change how you get the drug.  Hydrocodone/paracetamol, hydrocodone/acetaminophen, or hydrocodone/APAP (or under brand names such as Lortab, Norco or Vicodin) is a combination opioidnarcotic analgesic drug consisting of hydrocodone and paracetamol (acetaminophen) used to relieve moderate to severe pain.The DEA rule switching"hydrocodone combination products" like Lortab and Vicodin from schedule III to schedule II  was passed to curb abuse and encourage patients and prescribers to consider alternative ways to deal...

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Changes To Drug Schedule Affect Hydrocodone

Drug Schedules Changing For Some Hydrocodone CombosOn October 6th the DEA rule switching"hydrocodone combination products" like Lortab and Vicodin from schedule III to schedule II came into effect.  The rule was passed to curb abuse and encourage patients and prescribers to consider alternative ways to deal with pain.  Previously, these drugs were regulated as Schedule III drugs. Common hydrocodone combinations are used as pain relievers, cough suppressants and enhance the benefits of other drugs like acetaminophen or cough/cold medicines.  We are familiar with the brand names like Vicodin, Lortab or Tussionex.  As schedule III drugs, a prescriber could write up to 5 refills...

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DUI & Drug Trafficking Cases In Ohio

More and more, we are seeing an increase in drug trafficking cases.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol has become much more aggressive in using a traffic stop as a pretense to do an extensive search for illegal drugs.  These stops frequently turn a minor traffic violation case into a trafficking, distribution or possession of drugs case.  We expect more of these cases as the Ohio State Highway Patrol begins implementation of the Drug Recognition Expert protocol.The analysis of a drug trafficking case is very similar to the approach we take to an impaired driving case.  What that means is that...

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Ohio Drug Laws And College Students

If you attend college in Ohio you need to know Ohio Drug Laws and how they can get you in trouble. Selling or distributing illicit drugs: O.R.C. Section 2925.03 prohibits any person from selling or offering to sell any controlled substance, preparing or packaging any controlled substance for sale, or distributing any controlled substances.  Anyone who violates this statute is guilty of drug trafficking. Violation of this statute is a felony, the level of which depends on the specific criteria set forth in Section 2925.03(C), including type and weight of drug. The minimum penalty for a fifth degree felony can include 6...

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Drugged Driving: Roadside Saliva Tests

We have written about Ohio law enforcement's focus on drugged driving.  In particular, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has invested heavily in training officers in the Drug Recognition Expert protocol.  There are but a handful of police officers that after years of being on the road receive Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training. Until recently, there were no approved portable roadside testers. This recently changed with Dräger offering into the market it’s newest device, the Dräger DrugTest ® 5000. It is a portable drug testing device that officers can use at roadside. It is based upon collecting oral fluid (mixed saliva)...

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Ohio OVI Law: Impairment by Drugs

Ohio is making the transition to using the Drug Recognition Expert protocol in apprehending and prosecuting impaired drivers.   DRE refers not only to the officers themselves, but to the 12-step procedure that these officers use. DRE was developed by police officers from the Los Angeles (California) Police Department. In 1979, the Drug Recognition program received the official recognition of the LAPD.  On October 22, 2010, Ohio became the 48th state to be accepted into the International Association of Chiefs of Police's (IACP) Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP).Once approved by the IACP's DECP Highway Safety Committee, Ohio was eligible to provide the DRE...

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Warren County Partnership Targets Drug Traffickers

The Warren County Drug Task Force announced a new partnership with the Ohio Highway Patrol Thursday to help combat the flow of drugs running through Warren County on Interstates 75 and 71.  According to the joint agreement, a sergeant and two troopers with narcotic canines from the highway patrol will work with Warren County Deputy Brian Lewis and his two canines. The agencies will also share information and other resources.  If you are a constant reader of this blog you have followed the proliferation of stories wherein the Ohio State Highway Patrol has shifted focus to drug interdiction.  What impact...

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