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A Small Way To Curtail Policing For Profit

Policing for profit is the practice of using the tools of the judiciary (police, municipal courts, probation) to generate revenue for the municipality.  It comes in the form of red-light cameras, speed cameras, license plate readers, speed traps, heavy police traffic enforcement, civil asset forfeitures, high fines and other revenue generating practices. The price of this hidden tax falls most heavily upon the poor who are more likely to find themselves unable to pay and subsequently jailed for minor offenses. It happens here in Ohio and has been addressed by the Ohio Supreme Court.In Ohio, more than 300 "mayor's courts"...

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Red Light Cameras – Let Your Voice Be Heard To Ban Them Forever

The followers of Dayton DUI on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and loyal followers of this blog have listened to me complain about red-light cameras and speed cameras in Ohio for over three years.  I have urged you to contact your local representatives and to let your opposition be known.  We are now in the final push and our concerns are being heard!Ohio's 130th General Assembly has introduced House Bill 69, which would eliminate red light cameras and speed cameras throughout Ohio.  The proposal reads, in pertinent part, “No local authority or the state highway patrol, utilizing either its own employees, those...

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They Are Listening To Us – Act Now!

Last Friday I received a call from State Representative Rick Perales regarding the pending bill regarding red-light/speed cameras now before the Ohio legislature.  Representative Perales is a freshman Representative elected to Ohio's 73rd District which includes Greene County.  I cannot say how much I was impressed with his grasp of the issue and his acknowledgement of the  myriad problems raised by allowing these cameras to ticket people without due process protections.  Though not a lawyer by training, he is fully aware of all of the legal concerns at the heart of this issue and acknowledged the arguments that opponents of...

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Judges To Consider Military Service At Sentencing

Ohio appears ready to pass a requirement that judges consider a persons' military service when deciding a sentence in a criminal case.  Sub. S.B. 330, proposed by Senator Joe Schiavoni would apply to both misdemeanor and felony charges. "They have been through things that most of us haven't," Schiavoni said. "It's so, so important we consider that before they get thrown into jail and their problems aren't handled properly." Schiavoni says the bill has bipartisan support from both legislators and judges.Here is one version of the key language in the bill requiring consideration of military service at sentencing: (F) The sentencing court...

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Freeway Photo Cameras Pass Ohio’s House of Representatives

Ohio state House votes to use speed cameras to mail near $300 tickets to freeway drivers.A deeply divided Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday passed sweeping legislation that would impose new penalties on motorists, including a statewide speed camera program. State Representative Peter S. Ujvagi (D-Toledo) inserted the controversial proposals into a "must pass" $7.6 billion transportation funding measure to avoid individual discussion of the merits of the many programs rolled into the 361-page bill. Only one Republican voted in favor of Ujvagi's plan, which passed by a margin of 53-45.The ...

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