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Standardized Field Sobriety Tests; the walk & turn test

The Trooper gave me a “walk the line” test.  What was he looking for? The Walk & Turn test is a divided attention test that is used as part of the three-test battery of field sobriety tests.  The officer will observe your performance on this test, looking for eight (8) clues of impairment.  You will be deemed to have failed the test if you present just two (2) of the eight (8) clues.  According to NHTSA, the Walk & Turn test is 68% accurate in determining alcohol intoxication above 0.10% BAC (when two or more clues are present).  See generally 2006...

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The Limits of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

Ohio Revised Code 4511.19(D)(4)(b) sets forth the standards for admissibility of the results of field sobriety tests in OVI (drunk driving) prosecutions.  See State v. Bozcar, 113 Ohio St. 3d 148, 2007-Ohio-1251, 863 N.E.2d 115 (2007).  In order for the tests to be admissible, the State must demonstrate:By clear and convincing evidence. The Officer administered the tests insubstantial compliance. The testing standards for any reliable, credible, and generally accepted test. Including, but not limited to, the standards set by NHTSA.The only guidance provided for determining the meaning of “substantial compliance” has come from State v. Burnside, 100 Ohio St. 3d 152, 2003-Ohio-5372 (2003), wherein the court indicated that errors that...

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The Problems With Portable Breath Tests (by DaytonDUI)

In possibly the best article you will ever read on portable breath testing, DUI attorneys Justin McShane and Josh Lee describe the portable breath test devises which are used by the Ohio State Highway Patrol as a "potentially dangerous, non-specific and non-selective measures at roadside."  You can find the article HERE and in the Voice for the Defense. The Problems of Fuel Cell Devices1.1. Lack of Specificity20 for EthanolAs PBTs are used for purportedly forensic purposes, their specificity for ethanol becomes a critical factor. The electrochemical detector is not specific for ethanol.21 Indeed, there is “much evidence to show” they are actually not...

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Why Was I Charged With Two OVI Offenses?

There are two ways to be charged with OVI (drunk driving) in Ohio.  Often, both are charged for reasons that will be addressed shortly.  First, let's explore what the two charges mean."Per Se" Offenses:  per se is a latin phrase meaning "in itself."  It is also a legal term of art defined in Black's Law Dictionary as "taken alone...

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Service and Personal Jurisdiction in OVI Cases (by DaytonDUI)

In order to have personal service over a defendant in an OVI case, the court must be satisfied that the citation has been properly served pursuant to Ohio Traffic Rule 3(E). Toledo v. Williams, 1991 WL 3811 (Ohio Ct. App. 6th Dist. Lucas County 1991).  Taffic Rule 3(E) requires that the officer who completes the complaint sign the ticket and serve the citation on the defendant. See City of Cleveland v. Trzebuckowski, 2002-Ohio-584 (Ohio Ct. App. 8th Dist. Cuyahoga County 2002), holding that the officer's printing of his name instead of signing in cursive was sufficient to have satisfied the...

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Drunk Driving Deaths At Record Low (by DaytonDUI)

Drunken-driving deaths fell to a record low last year, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Fatalities in crashes involving drunken drivers declined 2.5 percent to 9,878 from the previous year and are down 53 percent since first measured in 1982.“This new data is encouraging, especially as we approach the holiday season when it is so important that we promote responsible drinking,” Beer Institute President Joe McClain said in a prepared statement. “We recognize that even with these record lows, more work remains to be done. Brewers and beer importers are committed to...

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How To Pay Your Ticket In Dayton (by DaytonDUI)

 If you receive a ticket in the jurisdiction of the Dayton Municipal Court, you can pay the ticket on-line, in person or by mail.Pay your fine online at www.paymyfine.org with a VISA or MASTERCARD. Traffic Tickets will be in the system within five (5) business days. Electronic parking tickets will be available for online payment within 12 hours of issuance. Handwritten parking tickets will be available for online payment within two business days of issuance.Pay in person between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday report to the Dayton Montgomery County Courts Building at 301 W. Third St.,...

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MADD’s Legislative Agenda Moving Forward

As we have long warned in this blog, MADD and its allies in government are working hard to implement harsh measures that will test every person who gets into a car without their consent for alcohol impairment.  Yesterday,  the National Transportation Safety Board has officially urged every state to "require all convicted drunken drivers, including first-time offenders, to use devices that prevent them from starting a car’s engine if their breath tests positive for small (non-impairing) levels of alcohol."  This would require a legislative change in Ohio OVI law which now requires such devices only for multiple offenders.The board also urged...

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Driving and Drugs: Ohio’s Per Se Marijuana Law

 Wondering if you can get charged with an OVI from Marijuana? While it is well established that alcohol consumption increases accident risk, evidence of marijuana's culpability in on-road driving accidents and injury is far less clear. Although acute cannabis intoxication following inhalation has been shown to mildly impair psychomotor skills, this impairment is seldom severe or long lasting.  According to the US Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. State of Knowledge of Drugged Driving: FINAL REPORT. op. cit., "Experimental research on the effects of cannabis ...

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Ohio OVI: Standardized Field Sobriety Tests & Marijuana

State v. Dixon, 2007-Ohio-5189 (Ohio Ct. App. 12th Dist. Clermont County 2007).More and more, we are seeing law enforcement officers arrest drivers on suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana.  Often, an officer will request a urine test for marijuana after a defendant has blown substantially under the per se alcohol limit on a breath test machine.  This raises questions about the proper determination of probable cause.  If, for example, no alcohol was suspected how did the officer arrive deduce enough evidence to make an arrest? Were the standardized field sobriety tests administered to detect alcohol or...

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