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TOO FAR: Forced Catheterization in DUI!

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TOO FAR: Forced Catheterization in DUI!


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ABC 25, WPBF is reporting that a man is suing after a police officer went over the line in a DUI arrest.  According to reports on WLWT the man, Jamie Lockard, 53, was arrested in Lawrenceberg, Indiana (home to Hollywood Casino) on suspicion of drunk driving.  He blew under the legal limit, but that was not enough for officer Brian Miller who obtained a search warrant and went to the hospital where Lockard was strapped to a gurney and forcibly catheterized.  His blood was also forcibly drawn.  “I would hate for this to happen to someone else,” Lockard said. “It was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me, ever.” The tests confirmed the breathalyzer that Lockard was under the legal limit.

With states (like Ohio) adopting “NO REFUSAL” policies you are going to see more officers going over the line; it’s inevitable.  How can people be anything but terrified of a police force who makes a practice of forced blood draws and forced catheterizations?  Stand up and say no!  Let MADD and their minions know that police are not their private agenda-driven army.  Make it known that these policies are unAmerican.

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