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How To Properly Evaluate A Plea Offer

We have all seen this scenario: An attorney triumphantly bounds out of a prosecutor's office and announced that he or she just got the best plea offer ever!  But is it?When evaluating a plea offer keep in mind the "Cleanest Pig In The Pen Fallacy."   As attorneys, often justify our actions, our plea deals and our advice based on what we have seen other attorneys do and experience. Often, this knowledge is invaluable and can save clients from making horrible misjudgments of their situation.  We base our decisions on the context, providing our clients with a risk assessment based...

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Dayton DUI Is Back!

Did you miss us? DaytonDUI.com has a new look and some great new features. I am proud of the new look and hope that you feel the same way.  Gone are the familiar green bottles and in their place we have new splash graphics and cleaner, sleeker look.  It is less wordy and more user-friendly.We were also able to fully integrate the Dayton DUI Blog and have more functionality.  The social stream is still available and we have made the site better for your mobile devices.  I am sure there will be some things that will be quirky, so if you...

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Ohio Sets Alcohol Record – Here Are The Top 10 Sellers

What is your favorite type of alcohol? According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohioans are buying more and better alcohol than ever before. Sales reached a record level in 2014 totaling $949 million. This represents an increase of 5.6 percent and exceeded last year’s total by $50 million, according to date released by the Ohio Department of Commerce.  Premium and Super-Premium products dominate the top of the charts and account for almost 60 percent of the total dollar sales.Here, (from WHIO) is the top 10 list of Ohio alcohol choices: 1. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey – 364,060 gallons 2. Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey...

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Top 10 Defenses to an Ohio OVI

When people need an Ohio OVI Attorney, the biggest challenge is knowing whether or not an attorney truly has the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win drunk driving cases. Countless attorneys handle impaired driving cases,  but only a very small percentage have the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win cases. Unfortunately for the public, even attorneys who have been practicing law for many years and devote a significant portion of their practice to OVI law, often don’t have the skills, knowledge, training,...

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Active Duty DUI? What Law Applies?

If you get an Active Duty DUI charge what law applies and where will you be punished?  This article (which owes a nod to John Hunsucker and the Hunsuker Legal Group, NCDD Winter Session 2015) explores where your case will be heard and what law applies.The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) applies to all active service members and all active duty DUI cases, regardless of where a crime occurs. However, jurisdiction over DUI charges may be military, civilian or both. When both entities file charges, they often coordinate to determine which will prosecute the offense criminally. An offender cannot be tried twice...

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How To Defend Against A One Leg Stand Test

Did the officer allege you did poorly on the One Leg Stand standardized field sobriety test?The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) are a battery of three tests administered and evaluated in a standardized manner to obtain validated indicators of impairment and establish probable cause for arrest. These tests were developed as a result of research sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and conducted by the Southern California Research Institute. A formal program of training was developed and is available through NHTSA to help law enforcement officers become more skillful at detecting DWI suspects, describing the behavior of these suspects, and presenting...

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What Are The Different Types Of Bail Bonds?

When you are arrested for OVI in Ohio, the police have the discretion to release you or to hold you in a local jail. If you are held in jail, you will be given the opportunity to post a bond.  The posting of a bond is often referred to as  "making bail" or "bailing out" of jail.  Why do you have to make bail?  The purpose of bail bonds are to ensure that the defendant appears for all scheduled court hearings.Many jurisdictions in Ohio have a set amount of bail for a first-time OVI offender and you will be required to...

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Dogs And Beer Don’t Mix

[caption id="attachment_30565" align="alignright" width="195"] This is "Dewy (DUI)" the DaytonDUI mascot and best friend[/caption]Dogs and beer do not mix. No matter how much you think your best friend may want to share a beer with you, it is never a good idea.Dogs have a much smaller liver and are incapable of processing alcohol. If the amount of alcohol overwhelms their liver it could be fatal.  Having too much alcohol will cause a dog's central nervous system to slow down their breathing and heart rate and can lead to a coma and death. Too much alcohol can make a dog's blood...

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DUI Attorney Charles Rowland Honored

I am proud to be your choice for a DUI Attorney. 2014 represented another year of growth and development at Dayton DUI.  I attended the Drug Recognition Expert training and received a certificate in the DRE protocol.  I became a "Founding Member" of the National DUI Trial Lawyers Association and the Premiere DUI Lawyer Association.  I was chosen as a "Client's Choice" and received another 10/10 "Superb" rating from the attorney rating service AVVO.  I was again chosen as an Ohio Super Lawyer.The Dayton DUI attorney blog continued to receive recognition and I continue to be a member of the National...

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