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Standardized Field Sobriety Tests: They Don’t Work

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration’s standardized field sobriety tests were developed based on a 1977 study. The subjects of this study had blood alcohol content levels ranging from zero to .15 percent. Though there was such a large different between the test subjects, there was a 47 percent error rate in determining a person’s impairment after administering the standardized field sobriety tests. 47%! This means that almost half of the people were misidentified by police officers as being drunk when in fact they were not. What is worse, one of the researchers agreed that the tests are problematic...

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Is Your DUI Attorney The Cleanest Pig In The Pen?

"Well, aren't you just the cleanest pig in the pen?"That was my father's reaction when I relayed to him what I considered to be a fine piece of attorney-ing.  I was a new lawyer assigned a high-profile home invasion robbery case.  The newspaper detailed that my client faced decades behind bars if convicted.After plea negotiations with the prosecuting attorney I was able to secure a plea to one felony count and an agreed sentence of "only" five years in prison.  I was proud of the work I'd done and felt that my client was lucky to have me.  I  also...

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Making Bail In An OVI Case

Making bail in an OVI case is one of the first concerns you may have in your OVI case.  When you are arrested for OVI in Ohio, the police have the discretion to release you or to hold you in a local jail. If you are released, you are given a court date and it is your responsibility to show up at the designated time and place so that your case can proceed.  Failure to do so will result in an arrest warrant being issued.  The time and place of your appearance appears at the bottom of your ticket.  There you...

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Did Prohibition Doom The Soviet Union?

Anyone who has ever read Pushkin, Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy knows of the long history of alcohol abuse in Russia.  In the late Soviet era there were 40 million officially recognized alcoholics in a nation of 270 million.  Upon becoming leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev undertook to address the problems of premature death, crime, poverty, absenteeism and ruined families caused by alcohol.  On April 4, 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev imposed a Soviet style prohibition upon the people.Gorbachev tripled the price of vodka.  Communist party officials destroyed the historic vineyards in Georgia and cracked down on the production of beer.  He...

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What Are (And What Are Not) Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

The dream of implementing Standardized Field Sobriety Tests has long been a goal of law enforcement.  Extensive government testing was begun in the 1970's to determine a scientifically valid way of helping police officers detect intoxication in drivers under suspicion of drunk driving.  Prior to this undertaking, officers were doing their best to gather evidence of drunk driving, or simply not arresting for the offense due to the difficulty of proving impairment in court.  Some more ingenious tests included throwing coins on ground; if the suspect could pick them up without falling over, they must be sober.  Other popular tests that...

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Teachers & OVI: Do I Report an OVI?

You Don't Need To Report Teachers, if you have an OVI (drunk driving) conviction, you may be worried about your career.  We have represented many teachers and strive to have every OVI reduced or dismissed so that it cannot have an adverse impact on your future.  One question we frequently encounter is, "Do I have to report and OVI conviction on my application?"  The answer is NO!A great OVI resource for teachers is the Ohio Educator Conduct FAQ provided by the Ohio Department of Education's Office of Professional Conduct.  It states,  Do I have to indicate an OVI or DUI conviction on...

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Teachers and OVI: Will You Lose Your Teaching License?

Teachers and OVI: Will You Lose Your License? We help teachers charged with OVI.  This article will give you some perspective on whether or not an OVI (drunk driving) charge will result in the loss of your teaching license.  The good news is that the answer is "NO."Ohio gives the State Board of Education great discretion in licensing and disciplining educators and dealing with teachers and OVI.  Pursuant to O.R.C. 3319.31, the State Board of Education has authority to deny an educator’s application for a teaching license or to suspend, limit or revoke a teaching license.  They “triggers” for disciplinary action...

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Ohio DUI Crackdown Begins Friday

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced that their "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Ohio DUI crackdown will begin Friday, August 16 and last through Labor Day.  During the enforcement period, Ohio DUI law enforcement partners have planned more than 7,000 enforcement hours and more than 900 hours of DUI saturation patrols around Ohio. “Law enforcement partners across the state will be out in full force to ensure people are making the right decisions on our roads,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born. “Impaired driving is a serious matter, and the message is clear – drive sober or...

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Dayton DUI (At Your Service)

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