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Dayton, Ohio’s Brewing History

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="144" caption="Image by Firesign via Flickr"][/caption]Prior to Prohibition, Dayton had a booming brewery industry.  The Dayton Brewing Company, Stickle Brewery, Wehner Brewery, Riverside Brewery and the Third Street Brewery boomed after lager was introduced in 1852.  Lager reminded the Germans of their hometown and the lighter taste appealed to everyone else.  "By 1908 more the 200,000 barrels were being made annually, with $300,000 being paid each year in wages." Dalton, Breweries of Dayton (A Toast to Brewers from the Gem City 1810-1961).  Ohio, having one of the strongest prohibition movements,...

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Chillicothe Ohio Fight Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras

Image via WikipediaIn the wake of an Ohio supreme court decision favoring the use of speed cameras and red light cameras, residents of Chillicothe are looking to become the third community to take matters into their own hands. The groupCitizens Against Photo Enforcement announced the filing of a formal initiative petition this week that would offer a vote in November on whether to ban photo ticketing completely.The initiative's sponsors believe they can gather the 800 signatures required to put the question to voters in the city of 22,000. An informal online petition already gathered the support of 3416 area residents,...

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Ohio Liquor Sales Hit Record High

Image via WikipediaToday the Dayton Daily News reported that liquor sales in Ohio hit a record high of $719.2 million in 2008, a 4.75 percent increase over 2007.  The amount of liquor sold — 10.5 million gallons — represented a 2.64 percent increase over 2007. The numbers released Thursday represent liquor containing more than 21 percent alcohol.The top selling liquor was Kamchatka Vodka, at 380,465 gallons, followed by Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Jagermeister.  The industry contributed $298 million to the state.  Who drinks Kamchatka Vodka?Source: http://www.daytondailynews.com/search/content/gen/ap/OH_Liquor_Sales.html ...

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DUI Science: The Fallacy of the Average Person

One of the greatest sources of error in blood-alcohol testing is consistently recurring fallacy that the individual tested is perfectly average in certain critical physiological traits. Put another way, obtaining an accurate blood-alcohol reading is completely dependent on the validity of a number of scientific assumptions. Unfortunately for the person being tested, these assumptions are usually incorrect: The person tested is rarely "average" in even one of these critical characteristics, let alone in all of them.Counsel in a DUI case will constantly be confronted by these almost-hidden assumptions. And it is very important that these false premises be brought out...

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Is Alcohol Recession-Proof?

Image by Jinx! via FlickrDespite a fragile economy, consumers will continue to see alcoholic beverages as an affordable indulgence according to Richard Hurst, senior vice president, Beverage Alcohol, The Nielsen Company. “Historical, as well as more recent consumer trends, indicate that alcoholic beverages are much more recession-resistant than many other product categories,” Hurst notes.  In its alcoholic beverage trends outlook for the 2008 holiday season, Nielsen notes a number of factors impacting consumer choices. Restaurants And Bars Hurting Consumers are going out to eat less often, as evidenced by a recent Nielsen survey, where two-thirds (66%) of fine dining patrons admitted they are...

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Rowland says “KICK DUI”

Charles M. Rowland II is proud to announce his continued relationship with www.DUI1.com and 1-800-KICK-DUI.  www.DUI1.com is one of the most established DUI websites with many years of service to clients accused of drunk driving.  "We have put 1-800-KICK-DUI on buses, on store fronts and all over downtown windows in Xenia, Ohio," said Rowland.  If you are accused of an OVI offense this holiday season, call Charles M. Rowland II at 1-800-KICK-DUI...

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The Return of the King! Little Kings Cream Ale

Image by old town drafting via FlickrLittle Kings Acquired By MoerleinsAccording to www.Realbeer.com, Moreleins purchased the brand and is going to promote a comeback. “What we’re about with the return of Little Kings is the same thing that we’ve been doing with Christian Moerlein Lagers and Ales the last four years, which is repositioning the brands to make them relevant with today’s consumers,” CEO Greg Hardman said. Little Kings cream ale was known for its great taste and high alcohol content and was a favorite for many of us who are over 35.  Growing up in Dayton we also took pride in Little...

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Ohio Drunk Driving Fatalities Fall (again!)

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="144" caption="Good Job Ohio!"][/caption]The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reporting that fatalities on Ohio roads due to drunk driving has fallen again this holiday season.  Four people died this year as a result of an alcohol-related accident.  This report encompasses the entirety of the Christmas Holiday weekend (December 24 through December 28).  The totals last year were 14 deaths with 7 being alcohol-related (as defined by the Ohio State Highway Patrol).  This year has also been a safer year overall.  Five fatal OVI-related crashes have occurred in Greene County, six...

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Ohio DUI Law Meets With Discontent

Image via WikipediaToday Mike McConnell, a host on 700WLW am in Cincinnati opened up his fifty thousand watt radio station to some discontented listeners.  He discussed the topic of DUI sobriety checkpoints.  A vast majority of the callers were appalled at the willingness of government to conduct checks without probable cause.  Some callers called it a slippery slope, other called it a witch hunt, others said that we would not stand for non-probable cause profiling if we were looking for illegal immigrants (for example).  The concensus was that DUI enforcement is focusing on...

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