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Alcohol Myths, Debunked by David J. Hanson

by David J. Hanson, Ph.D. (used with permission of the author, please visit http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/AboutYourHost.html)Is college student drinking increasing? Is the rate of alcohol-related traffic crashes going up? Does alcohol advertising cause young people to begin drinking or drink more?The answer to all three questions is no. The scientific evidence about all three is clear that they are false, but alcohol activists mange to convince us otherwise. How do they do that?Most people who read the classic book How to Lie with Statistics do so in order to become more intelligent consumers of statistical information. However, it would appear that many alcohol activists might read...

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Mangled Drunk Driving Data?

The Truth About Alcohol, with David J. HansonRetired Sociologist Dr. David J. Hanson joins Steve to discuss MADD and other initiatives to further reduce the legal BAC limits. Is it possible that data tells us the real dangers are from .17 BAC and up, and that ever-stricter limits are an emotion-driven, neo-prohibitionist witch hunt? You be the judge, but this conversation is a starting point.  Click on the link above to access the audio....

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End the War on Drugs

On this date in 1971, President Richard Nixon declared "war on drugs" and announced  the creation os Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention.  Its first acting director was Dr. Jerome Jaffe.  Countless dollars and lives have been sacrificed on the alter that drugs should be treated as a law enforcement issue, rather than as a societal treatment problem.  It is the position of this blog that the War on Drugs is a failure and that it should be a priority to end the failed war on drugs.  This position is no longer a fringe position, but a pro-law enforcement...

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Beavercreek, Miami Valley Hospital and Frank Zink Field

I was raised with a strong sense of "giving back."  One of the most important ways that I have found to contribute to my community is by serving two terms on the Beavercreek City School Board.  My time on the board has been a time of great success for our schools and a time of sound financial management of our city's resources.  We have been an "excellent" school district each and every year I have served and have a list of academic awards and accomplishments that boggles the mind.  Recently, our success as a school district was noticed by Miami...

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State Must Reform Seizure Procedure

Please visit www.thenewspaper.com; A federal appeals court ruled that Illinois must reform its car seizure rules to allow for due process.The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit earlier this month began to reexamine its stance on the expanding scope of property seizures in Illinois. A unanimous three-judge panel found that Chicago Police violated the federal Constitution in seizing automobiles without offering any opportunity for the accused to challenge the move for up to six months. This finding overturned a 1994 decision, Jones v. Takaki, in which the court sided with Chicago police officers who had taken Marcy Jones' 1990...

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MADD Announces Goals

Image by alachia via FlickrThe Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocacy group has set an ambitious goal.  They want to be a nation with no drunk driving.  It also seems that they will stop at nothing to see this unlikely goal to fruition.  On their web site they have announced that within ten (10) years they will seek ignition interlock devises on all new cars. (Source: See 1 below).  They envision their lackies in the government and the insurance industry to help them implement this intrusion into our lives.  What makes this especially dishonest is...

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Ohio State Highway Patrol Reports Safest Holiday on Record

COLUMBUS- The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports this Memorial Day holiday weekend was the safest on record for the past 38 years. Six people were killed in six crashes over the holiday weekend on Ohio roads. This is four fewer deaths than during the same period last year. Over the holiday weekend State Troopers arrested 650 impaired drivers and assisted 4,580 motorists.  “We are extremely encouraged by fewer fatalities this Memorial Day weekend. However, Ohioans need to focus on Motorcycle safety due to 33 percent of the fatalities being motorcyclists.” said Patrol superintendent, Colonel Richard H. Collins.If you find yourself in need of...

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Sobriety Checkpoints are Wrong and Ineffective

Roving Patrols are the Best Method for Dealing with All Forms of Negligent Drivers May 23, 2007) – PR NewswireWASHINGTON – As Americans take to the roads this Memorial Day weekend, thousands of responsible adults will be detained and subjected to roadblock campaigns. Today the American Beverage Institute (ABI), representing many of America’s family restaurants, called on safety officials to reconsider employing this ineffective method for catching drunk drivers and instead use the most efficient means available for getting drunks, speeders, and distracted drivers off the road: roving police patrols.The most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirms...

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National Museum of Crime and Punishment

Businessman John Morgan and John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame have teamed up to offer one of America’s finest Crime and Punishment Museums.  At the WashingtonD.C. museum, crime buffs can saunter through galleries of famous crimes and the criminals who made them possible.  There are also sections on crime fighting.  The museum will also serve as the new studio for the popular television seriesAmerica’s Most Wanted.  I have always been a sucker for these types of museums and I can’t wait to go.  You can usually find good stuff at wax museums (like in Niagra Falls, Ontario or London, U.K.).  My favorite all-time crime museums are in London.  Check out the Jack the Ripper museums and the...

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