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Drunk Driving Not As Dangerous As Cell-Phone Driving

Driving While on Cell Phone Worse Than Driving While Drunk 06.29.06, 12:00 AM ET, from www.Forbes.comTHURSDAY, June 29 (HealthDay News) -- Maneuvering through traffic while talking on the phone increases the likelihood of an accident five-fold and is actually more dangerous than driving drunk, U.S. researchers report.That finding held true whether the driver was holding a cell phone or using a hands-free device, the researchers noted."As a society, we have agreed on not tolerating the risk associated with drunk driving," said researcher Frank Drews, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah. "This study shows us that somebody who...

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RACE and the Juvenile Justice System

FACT SHEET: MINORITIES IN THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEMTwo of the most alarming pieces of information available about African-American males are:One third of African-American males between the ages of 18 and 25 in the United States are either under correctional supervision or in jail or prison; andOne third of African-American males are ineligible to vote because of felony convictions or other state provisions that deny the right to vote to people who have been involved in the criminal justice system.Most adult offenders begin their criminal activities as juvenile offenders. And, the best predictor of who will go to adult prison is whether...

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Why Do We Drive On The Right Side Of The Road?

According to Guinness: The Book of Answers'Of the 221 separately administered countries and territories in the world, 58 drive on the left and 163 on the right. In Britain it is believed that left hand driving is a legacy from the preference of passing an approaching horseman or carriage right side to right side to facilitate right armed defence against sudden attack. On the Continent postillions were mounted on the rearmost left horse in a team and thus preferred to pass left side to left side. While some countries have transferred from left to right, the only case recorded of...

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Designated Drivers or Limousines for A-Listers?

Rapper/urban mogul wants to help keep A-listers from being arrested for DUI.Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs wants to start a limousine service for celebrities to help keep them from being arrested for drunk driving. Combs said his recent involvement with the branding and marketing of Ciroc vodka led him to the idea. According to a spokesman for Combs, the rapper is interested in making sure everyone parties responsibly.Combs, founder of Bad Boy Entertainment and host of MTV’s Making the Band, is said to be targeting ‘famous’ celebrities. Just last year, A-list celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Vivica A. Fox, Nicole...

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Drunk Driving Fingerprint Sensors

Lumidigm, a New Mexico company, has developed fingerprint sensor that detects blood alcohol content (BAC) in suspected drunk driving cases. Lumidigm, based in Albuquerque, has developed a unique technology that can be used for detection of drunk driving in New Mexico. They initially designed a light-based scanner that takes three-dimensional images of fingerprints. The sensors, however, can be adjusted to test for the presence of alcohol emanating from the skin.The company has been testing the handheld equipment with the help of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department. Darren White, speaking on behalf of the sheriff’s department, is encouraged by the potential of...

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How To Choose The Right Attorney

Choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable and competent in the field of criminal law and has taken steps to further his or her education in the field. Charles Rowland maintains membership in the National College of DUI Defense, DUI Defenders and in the National Motorists Association.  He has attended the National College for DUI Defense annual seminar at Harvard University,is a former city prosecutor and holds certificates of competency on both the BAC DataMaster and the Intoxilyzer 8000.Choose an attorney who is able to answer your questions and spends time addressing your concerns. The attorney is going to be your guide throughout the court process so...

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DUI Credentials: Rowland First in US To Earn Forensic Sobriety Assessment

FSA Certification is the most advanced credential available to DUI professionals in behavioral sobriety assessment. Ideally, all attorneys, judges, and police officers who deal with DWI cases would be knowledgeable about these topics. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) trains police officers to assess intoxication, it does not provide training in important scientific topics or differential diagnosis, and does not address the many criticisms of the tests. FSA Certification is available to those who demonstrate proficiency by passing examinations in seven of the eight content areas (the module on statistical significance and effect size is currently optional).Charles M....

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Is It Time To Lower the Drinking Age?

Vermont latest to eye lower drinking age By JOHN CURRAN Associated Press Writer More than two decades after the country established a uniform drinking age of 21, a nascent movement is afoot to allow 18- to 20-year-olds to legally buy alcohol under some circumstances. Proponents say the higher age hasn't kept young people from consuming alcohol and has instead driven underage consumption underground, particularly on college campuses."Our laws aren't working. They're not preventing underage drinking. What they're doing is putting it outside the public eye," Vermont state Sen. Hinda Miller said. "So you have a lot of kids binge drinking. They get sick,...

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