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Where Are the Speed Cameras/Red-Light Cameras in Dayton?

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Where Are the Speed Cameras/Red-Light Cameras in Dayton?

Red light photo enforced, DELDOT R10-19-DE.

This blog has documented the outrage caused by Dayton’s adoption of speed and red-light cameras.  Today, in an article by former Montgomery County Common Pleas A.J. Wagner, the Dayton City Paper takes on the red-light and speed cameras.  As we have put forth here, the red-light and speed cameras are an affront to our presumption of innocence and a bald attempt at letting private companies make money by exploiting citizens.  The problems lie in the process.  “Once caught, a letter is mailed to the vehicle owner.  Violators are given 15 days to appeal, but never see a judge or a courtroom. About the only way to win an appeal is to provide an affidavit from the owner identifying another driver as the real violator. This is not a criminal action, but a civil action with the owner presumed to be guilty. The $85 charge is not a fine but a civil penalty. If the owner fails to pay the penalty within 15 days, a late fee of $25 is added to the toll. If there are two or more citations for a car the City has started to tow the car wherever it is found.”

The article also provides locations for the speed cameras.  Here is a list of electronic cameras ready to take a picture of your car in action on Dayton’s streets if you run a red light or exceed the speed limit.

Smithville Road at Patterson Road:  Red Light Enforced
Smithville Road near Fourth: Speed Enforced
Smithville Road near Marimont: Speed Enforced
Third Street at Edwin C. Moses Boulevard:  Red Light Enforced
Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard: Red Light Enforced
West Third Street near Hatfield :  Speed Enforced
East Third Street near Clinton: Speed Enforced
Troy Street at Stanley Avenue: Red Light Enforced
Stanley Avenue at Valley Street: Red Light Enforced
Stanley Avenue near Kuntz: Speed Enforced
South Keowee Street near Fourth: Speed Enforced
North Keowee Street near Stanley: Speed Enforced
Gettysburg Avenue at Cornell Drive: Red Light and Speed Enforced
North Gettysburg Avenue near Fairbanks:  Speed Enforced
Main Street at Hillcrest Avenue: Red Light Enforced
US 35 at Abbey Avenue: Red Light and Speed Enforced
Salem Avenue at North Avenue: Red Light Enforced
Salem Avenue at Hillcrest Avenue:  Red Light Enforced
Salem Avenue near Otterbein: Speed Enforced

The question remains as to whether or not the city will be allowed to use these heavy handed tactics or whether citizens will rise up and get politicians who vow to remove the cameras.  Call your Ohio State Representatives, call your State Senators, get involved in Dayton’s City Council and voice your outrage.  The only way to save our rights is to fight for our rights.

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