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Xenia Driving Privileges – Driving Privileges In Xenia Municipal

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Xenia Driving Privileges – Driving Privileges In Xenia Municipal

Learn about Xenia OVI from a defense attorney. 

DUI Driver License Suspensions

If your license is suspended due to a DUI arrest, you may be eligible for limited driving privileges. There are two kinds of license suspensions in a DUI case. If you refuse a breath test, blood test, or urine test, or if you tested over the limit, you are subjected to an Administrative License Suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If you are found guilty of DUI, you are given a Court Suspension by the judge as part of the sentence for DUI.

Limited Driving Privileges

A court can authorize limited driving privileges. Historically, the privileges have been limited to: occupation, vocation, education, medical, license examination, and court-ordered treatment. A recent change in Ohio DUI law permits courts to grant privileges for other purposes.  Whether other purposes are permitted is up to each individual judge.

Certain cases require, as a condition of limited driving privileges, that you have yellow license plates and/or an ignition interlock device. The waiting period to obtain driving privileges varies depending on the number of prior convictions.  For details on the length of license suspensions and the length of waiting periods for privileges, see the pages of this blog or contact my office.

Driving Under Suspension

If caught driving on granted limited driving privileges, beware! You face prosecution for Driving Under Suspension. Driving under a DUI suspension. A DUI suspension requires a mandatory jail sentence, as well as an additional license suspension.

Xenia Driving Privileges

One of the best advantages you receive in hiring a good attorney is help in applying for and getting driving privileges. Nothing will make you feel like your life is returning to normal more than being able to drive to work, school or to attend to child care.  We pride ourselves on having someone available to help you even when I am in court.

Each court treats requests for driving privileges a bit differently and it can be quite frustrating if you have to learn the rules as you go. Xenia Driving Privileges are no different. So, we want to make it easier to obtain driving privileges in the Xenia Municipal Court by providing the link to their downloadable form. HERE

The Xenia Municipal Court has jurisdiction for the following cities, villages and townships:

  • City of Xenia
    City of Bellbrook
    Villages of Yellow Springs
    Spring Valley
    Townships of Sugarcreek
    New Jasper
    Spring Valley

Law enforcement agencies located within the jurisdiction of the court include:

  • Bellbrook Police Department
    Bowersville Police Department
    Cedarville Police Department
    Central State University Police Department
    Greene County Animal Control
    Sheriff’s Office, Greene County
    Greene County Parks District
    Jamestown Police Department
    Department of Parks and Natural Resources
    Department of Wildlife
    Ohio State Highway Patrol
    Sugarcreek Township Police Department
    Wilberforce University Police Department
    Xenia Police Division
    Yellow Springs Police Department


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