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Military DUI: FAQ’s For Active Duty Soldiers Who Face A DUI Charge

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If you are an active duty soldier and receive a military DUI (drunk driving) charge, you may face civilian DUI penalties or military DUI punishment.  This article will describe what military penalties are available and under what circumstances they are invoked. https://youtu.be/ekx44mzHy3kWho Will Prosecute My Military DUI?The overwhelming number of DUI cases will be prosecuted in the civilian courts and the military authorities will not seek jurisdiction. Punishment under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (court martial/Article 15s) is not available to the military if the civilian authorities are prosecuting your DUI case.  This is true even if your DUI case gets dismissed or reduced. ...

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DUI Process Overview: What Does Your Attorney Do Prior To Trial

DUI Process Overview - What Does Your Attorney Do? To understand your case, we offer this DUI process overview. It will help you understand what your attorney does. It also lets you participate in your case. You are in charge.An attorney will spend a great deal of time listening to your version of events. He will scrupulously track down potential witnesses and talk to every person who was with you on the night you were arrested. If possible, the attorney will get a copy of your bar bill to show exactly what you had to drink. Your attorney will also explain...

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What Happens At Your OVI First Appearance?

The following will happen when you appear for your OVI First Appearance. At your OVI first appearance you will be called into a big room with many people facing many different types of charges. The Judge, will explain the complaint or charge.  This details the offense(s) you are charged with. In addition, the Court must explain it to you if you do not understand the nature of the charge(s).The Judge will also advise you of the potential penalties.  Many people will  plead guilty to the charges and receive their punishment.  We are often confronted with people who regret their OVI arraignment...

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Reckless Operation in Ohio: What is the Law? – Video

RECKLESS OPERATION: What is the law? https://youtu.be/R0IvweB5sdYThis video explains what reckless operation means for your Ohio drivers license and the difference between a reckless operation and an OVI. Reckless operation in Ohio can constitute any number of offenses within the Ohio Revised Code dealing with operation of a vehicle with willful or wanton disregard to persons or property.  Commonly, reckless operation is charged under O.R.C. 4511.20 (all codes sections are set forth below).  There is a separate O.R.C. section dealing with reckless operation while off-road (O.R.C. 4511.201) and while on a watercraft (O.R.C. 1547.07).  O.R.C. 4511.202 is Ohio’s Reasonable Control Statute.The Ohio Supreme...

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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DUI?

Who Has Jurisdiction Over the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DUI? Jurisdiction over DUI charges at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base may be military, civilian or both. When both entities file charges, they often coordinate to determine which will prosecute the offense criminally. Because he or she is always subject to the UCMJ, an offender cannot be tried twice criminally.  But because he or she is always subject to the UCMJ, they may face both civilian and military administrative punishment.The place of arrest and the authorities involved typically dictate jurisdiction. An active-duty serviceperson arrested on-base and charged with DUI faces one or more of...

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Dedicated to DUI Defense

DUI Defense Is All I Do When you cruise the internet looking for DUI Defense Attorneys, be sure to look for these buzz words."The DUI lawyer(S)" "Our DUI Team" - This means that more than one member of the firm could be responsible for handling your charge.  It is not uncommon to not know who will show up to handle your case until the court date. It is also not uncommon to be under the assumption that the attorney you met with will be "your" attorney.  Ask who will represent me at your initial consultation. At Babb & Rowland, the only person...

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Alcohol Influence Report – OVI Trial Strategy

The Alcohol Influence Report is a document prepared by the arresting officer noting each and every indicator for alcohol impairment that they took note of in their investigation. Most of the forms require that the officer simply check the predetermined indicator. Not surprisingly, all the officer's observations fall neatly into these predetermined areas. The report is a document of the officers opinions and should not be considered routine ministerial reports of a non-adversarial nature. Clearly, letting the jury have this document as evidence to review in the jury room would be prejudicial to an OVI defense.You need an attorney who...

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What Happens At A DUI Pre-Trial?

What Happens At A DUI Pre-Trial? We are often asked questions about what happens at a DUI pre-trial.  The following video explains what you will likely encounter.Our goal at the pre-trial hearing is to have the prosecutor look at the case from the perspective of the accused. We do this by focusing on the decision-making process of the arresting officer and what else could have been done to reach the conclusion that a person was impaired.  The pre-trial represents the best opportunity to resolve the case prior to trial.  In fact, the biggest decision most people will face in their OVI...

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An Overview Of The OVI Process From Beginning To End

In this video, we walk you through the typical OVI process.OVI PROCESS - ARRAIGNMENT Following an OVI arrest, you will attend your ARRAIGNMENT. This hearing is designed to allow you to enter a plea. No doubt, you will have considered getting an attorney. We offer a free consultation. Furthermore, I make myself available immediately. If you have an attorney at this point, you may not have to attend this hearing. If you hire me, we file paperwork with the court. This paperwork will tell the court you have an attorney. In addition, we file other important papers to protect your rights....

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Admitting OVI Blood Tests Made Easier By Ohio Supreme Court

A REVIEW OF BLOOD TEST REGULATION IN OHIO In Ohio, a blood test is administered by a crime lab or the collecting health care agency. The blood must be drawn by a licensed medical professional.  In cases where blood tests are administered by a crime lab, the Ohio DUI driver’s blood sample must be drawn within three hours of the perceived infraction.  In addition, it must be tested in compliance with regulations drafted by the Ohio Department of Health. Because of their complexity, an attorney focusing on DUI defense exclusively should be considered.Please consult the articles on the ODH rules on this...

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