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Ohio OVI Penalties

Ohio OVI Penalties

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Ohio’s legislature is constantly tinkering with the OVI statute, R.C. 4511.19.  This can be tough on attorneys trying to provide information in the internet age as internet articles and blog posts are not bio-degradable.  The law changes and old posts do not.  One site that provides constant updates on the current OVI penalties is Judge Jennifer Weiler’s site at the Garfield Heights Municipal Court.  Her charts are used in every courtroom in Ohio to keep legal professionals current on Ohio’s OVI law.  She has provided an invaluable service. You can find information on Ohio’s OVI penalties by clicking here:

  • Ohio Impaired Driving PenaltyChart, FRONT PAGE
  • Ohio Impaired Driving Penalty Chart – BACK PAGE

The first page details the penalties for the offenses of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, underage operating under the influence, and physical control. The second page concerns the length of administrative license suspensions imposed upon arrest and the process for appealing such suspensions.

On a second chart, entitled “Ohio Driver’s License Offense Penalties, ” Judge Weiler provides a chart listing the penalty provisions for common offenses such as driving under suspension, driving without a license, and wrongful entrustment. The second page also has a summary of when driving privileges may be granted and the requirements for the same.

  • Ohio’s Driver’s License Law – Page One
  • Ohio’s Driver’s License Law – Page Two
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