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Ohio’s Love of Alcohol: Pre-Civil War

Approximately 150,000 years ago Austalopithecus Man discovered that life was just a little bit more livable when he sucked on some of the fruit that lay rotting and fermenting in the hot, pre-history sun.[1]  By 12,000 BC, the Sumerians agree to live in close proximity for the purpose of pooling resources, growing crops and telling the first mother-in-law jokes.[2]  This started what we call civilization. "The search for unpolluted drinking water is as old as civilization itself. As soon as there were mass human settlements, waterborne diseases like dysentery became a crucial population bottleneck. For much of human history, the...

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Ohio BMV Reinstatement Offices

You can pay your reinstatement fee by visiting any of the following BMV REINSTATEMENT OFFICES: CINCINNATI 10948 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 (513) 742-7535 or (513) 742-7545 CLEVELAND 12000 Snow Road, Suite N Parma, Ohio 44130 (440) 845-2007 COLUMBUS 1583 Alum Creek Drive Columbus, Ohio 43209 (614) 752-7600 JACKSON 110 Twin Oaks Drive Jackson, Ohio 45640 (740) 286-5683 TOLEDO 4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, Ohio 43614 (419) 245-3010 YOUNGSTOWN Northeast Ohio Regional Service Center 242 Federal Plaza West Youngstown, Ohio 44503 (330) 797-5550...

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Happy Presidents’ Day from DaytonDUI

Image via WikipediaOhio is the birthplace of seven U.S. Presidents and home to many historical sites that you may want to visit over this long weekend.  Beginning with U. S. Grant and continuing through Garfield , Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, McKinley, Taft and Harding , Ohio has had more than it share of presidential history.  When it comes to celebrating Presidents Day in Ohio, the McKinley Presidential Museum and Library in Canton is a good place to start.  At the At the William Howard Taft National Historic Site you can take a tour...

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Lebanon DUI, Springboro DUI, Middletown DUI and coverage for Warren County, Ohio

Charles M. Rowland II serves Warren County and developed websites covering Springboro and Lebanon and Middletown to provide practical information regarding Springboro, Lebanon, Mason, Middletown, Franklin and Warren County's tough drunk driving law. Here you will find information on DUI (now called OVI) law in all of the courts of Warren County. If you find yourself accused of a crime contact Charles M. Rowland II at the number provided above or on the after-hours DUI HOTLINE 937-776-2671. If you've been charged with DUI, it's important that you consult an attorney immediately before you lose your rights!  Charles M. Rowland II has...

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False Justice

Former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro has written an incredible book confronting the deep problems he finds endemic in the criminal  justice system.  "False Justice is an action plan, filled with frontline stories and hard data that refute eight harmful myths about America's justice system:Everyone in prison claims innocence. Our system almost never convicts an innocent person. Only the guilty confess. Wrongful convictions are caused by innocent human error. An eyewitness is the best testimony. Conviction errors get corrected on appeal. It dishonors the victim to question a conviction. If the justice system has problems, the pros will fix them."Wrongful conviction was also linked to insidious common...

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State v. Syx, 2010-Ohio-5880

In State v. Syx, 2010-Ohio-5880, Judge Fain wrote for a unanimous 2nd District Court of Appeals holding that: The Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause provides that, "[I]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right *** to be confronted with the witnesses against him."  The United States Supreme Court has held that the right to confrontation is violated when an out-of-court statement, which is testimonial in nature, is admitted into evidence without the defendant having had the opportunity to cross-examine the declarant. Crawford v. Washinton (2004), 541 U.S. 36, 68, 124 S.Ct 1354, 158 L.Ed.2d 177. In this case, the defendant argued...

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Speed Trap Exchange from the National Motorists Association

So, you are ready to get in the car and take that big Memorial Day trip.  Beware, state troopers are on the prowl and the Ohio State Highway Patrol promises to be very active this holiday weekend making sure we behave well and get to our destination safely.  The National Motorists Association has compiled a SPEED TRAP EXCHANGE (www.speedtrap.org) to warn motorists of spots where patrols will be particularly brisk.  If you make use of this valuable tool, be sure to join the National Motorists Association as it is one of the foremost citizen rights groups in the United States.  Charles...

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Dayton DUI Checkpoint Announced

The Combined Agency OVI Task Force of Montgomery County announced that they will operate a sobriety checkpoint this weekend.  As is their custom, they will not reveal the location of this checkpoint until later in the week.  If you find yourself in need of an attorney who has experience handling checkpoint cases, contact attorney Charles Rowland at (937) 318-1DUI or visit www.DaytonDUI.com for more information. ...

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