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Drunk Driving Winter Crackdown Announced by NHTSA

Image via WikipediaNew National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research shows that between 2002 and 2006, nearly four fatalities out of 10 involved alcohol-impaired crashes in the last two weeks of December. The new study also found that 21-24 year-old drivers are involved in more alcohol-impaired fatal crashes than any other age group, announced NHTSA Acting Administrator David Kelly today.“Drunk driving is one of the most serious, and preventable, dangers we face on our roadways,” Kelly said. “Sadly, the death toll from drunk-driving crashes is higher between Christmas and New Year’s than ...

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Speed Does Not Cause Accidents

Image via WikipediaAs lawmakers around the country continue to consider speed limit enforcement as the primary traffic safety measure, the most comprehensive examination of accident causation in thirty years suggests this focus on speed may be misplaced. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated 5,471 injury crashes that took place across the country between July 3, 2005 and December 31, 2007. Unlike previous studies automatically generated from computerized data found in police reports, researchers in this effort were dispatched to accident scenes before they were cleared. This allowed a first-hand comparison...

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Ohio Traffic Law Crackdown

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="180" caption="www.OhioDUIdefense.com"][/caption]Ohio Patrol part of holiday crackdown Ohio law enforcement authorities are participating in a regional crackdown on holiday motorists who violate seat belt and other traffic safety laws.Midwest administrator Michael Witter with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the effort is focusing on nighttime hours from Tuesday through this weekend and has a simple goal: to save lives. He says officers don't enjoy writing tickets but it's far worse to have to notify next of kin after a fatal crash.The State Highway Patrol says 14 people were killed in...

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Ohio: Photo Enforcement Is Coming

[caption id="attachment_4889" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Ohio: Photo Enforcement is coming!"][/caption]The anger generated by Photo-enforcement is growing.  California residents have taken action against the robo-photo-cop by starting www.highwayrobbery.com.  Arizona's elected Treasurer has come out against the scheme as unconstitutional.  Also, my favorite organization, The National Motorists Association is sending out a mailing which aids citizens in determining if the cops are shortening the yellow light.  http://www.shortyellowlights.com/ According to the Texas Transportation Institute, when the yellow light timing is one second shorter than the bare minimum recommended amount, violations increase by 110% (view study).  Stay alert...

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Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Making More Arrests than Tickets

Madison Township, Ohio officer tied for the most criminal arrests is reprimanded for not writing enough speeding tickets. A Madison Township, Ohio police officer whose record of busting real criminals is unbeaten found himself reprimanded for failing to focus on writing traffic tickets. The Columbus Dispatch reports that Officer Ken Braden only wrote 85 tickets last year when his most prolific fellow officer wrote 388 while arresting fewer criminals. For that, Police Chief Greg Ryan punished Braden. "He gets paid as much as the other officers," Ryan told the Dispatch. "He should do as much work as the other officers."Ryan boasts that...

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How Judges Help Prosecutors

While most Americans might believe judges are expected to consider all cases with equal impartiality, a prominent judicial standards organization suggests courts should treat differently any case involving driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Former Chief Justice of the United States Warren E. Burger founded the NationalCenter for State Courts in 1971 to provide educational services for members of the judiciary. The group is now working in concert with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to promote "efficient disposal of traffic cases." The center opened a website covering "The Court's Role in Reducing the Incidence of Impaired Driving"...

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Kettering DUI; Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Articulable Suspicion

I recently encountered a factual question in a case in the Kettering Municipal Court involving the reason that the officer stopped my client.  Below is the case law which sets forth the two standards used to justify a traffic stop in Ohio. Visit www.KetteringDUI.com for information about the Kettering Municipal Court. In State v. Moore, 2008-Ohio-2407, the 3rd District Court of Appeals reversed course on its prior decision in State v. Phillips, 2006-Ohio-6338and held that an officer had reasonable articulable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop when the Defendant's vehicle drifted approximately 1/2 a car width over the fog line and off the road...

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Ohio Speed Gun Tossed by 9th District Court of Appeals

Hurray, Hurray Hurray!  The 9th District Court of Appeals has ruled the lidar laser speed detection devise (LTI 20 20) as unproven.  The ruling may be remedied with a scientific finding of accuracy, typically called a Daubert hearing.  This particular type of radar has been under attack.  Below is how our friends at www.theNewspaper.com reported the news.  Find out more about Ohio's tough speeding laws at www.OhioSpeedTrap.com. Ohio Court Tosses Laser Speed Gun Readings Ohio appeals court throws out unproven lidar speed gun evidence.  An appellate court on Monday ruled that key evidence used in Ohio speed traps was not admissible. With millions in...

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Ohio Supreme Court Allows Speed and Red-Light Cameras

Ohio Supreme Court Saves Speed Cameras Text of an Ohio Supreme Court ruling granting cities the authority to install speed and red light cameras without legislative authorization.The Ohio Supreme Court today issued a ruling upholding the right of municipalities to create new "civil penalties" for crimes already covered by criminal statutes. The long-awaited ruling gives the green light for Ohio cities to expand speed camera and red light camera camera programs, an authority which the state legislature had specifically declined to grant."Home rule jurisprudence has become confused over the years because different theories have been used to determine when an ordinance...

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