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DUI Process

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OVI Breath Test Defenses: Exposure to Toulene

In some instances, defendants have argued that exposure to certain chemicals have caused involuntary intoxication.  Commonly, they will cite to the chemical toulene also known as methylbenzene, phenylmethane, and Toluol.  The chemical is a clear water-insoluble liquid with the typical smell of paint thinners, redolent of the sweet smell of the related compound benzene. Toluene is a common solvent, able to dissolve paints, paint thinners, silicone sealants, many chemical reactants, rubber, printing ink, adhesives (glues), lacquers, leather tanners, and disinfectants. The observed effects after consuming dizziness, euphoria, grandiosity, floating sensation, drowsiness, reduced ability to concentrate, slowed reaction time, distorted perception of time...

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DUI Blood Test and Miranda Rights

Miranda rights are required to be given when an “investigatory stop” turns into a “custodial investigation.” Miranda v. Arizona (1966), 384 U.S. 436, 86 S.Ct. 1602, 16 L.Ed.2d 694.  In other words, only when a traffic stop becomes “custodial” does the officer need to advise the defendant of his or her Miranda rights.  “Under Miranda v. Arizona (1966), 384 U.S. 436, 86 S.Ct. 1602, 16 L.Ed.2d 694, statements stemming from custodial interrogations are admissible only after a showing that the procedural safeguards have been followed. “Custody” is when a defendant is taken into custody “or otherwise deprived of his freedom by...

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The Problems With Portable Breath Tests (by DaytonDUI)

In possibly the best article you will ever read on portable breath testing, DUI attorneys Justin McShane and Josh Lee describe the portable breath test devises which are used by the Ohio State Highway Patrol as a "potentially dangerous, non-specific and non-selective measures at roadside."  You can find the article HERE and in the Voice for the Defense. The Problems of Fuel Cell Devices1.1. Lack of Specificity20 for EthanolAs PBTs are used for purportedly forensic purposes, their specificity for ethanol becomes a critical factor. The electrochemical detector is not specific for ethanol.21 Indeed, there is “much evidence to show” they are actually not...

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Arrested at Wright-Patterson AFB?

  WE CAN HELP IF YOU ARE ARRESTED ON BASE We have a former J.A.G. officer on staff to help with military DUI/OVI cases.  Located conveniently near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Charles M. Rowland II has successfully represented active-duty military, contractors, and civilian employees for over 15 years.  He knows how to deal with issues of deployment, security clearances, loss of rank, loss of on-base driving privileges and issues related to out-of-state licenses.  If you find yourself arrested for OVI in or near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and you will be required to appear in the United State Federal Court or the...

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Service and Personal Jurisdiction in OVI Cases (by DaytonDUI)

In order to have personal service over a defendant in an OVI case, the court must be satisfied that the citation has been properly served pursuant to Ohio Traffic Rule 3(E). Toledo v. Williams, 1991 WL 3811 (Ohio Ct. App. 6th Dist. Lucas County 1991).  Taffic Rule 3(E) requires that the officer who completes the complaint sign the ticket and serve the citation on the defendant. See City of Cleveland v. Trzebuckowski, 2002-Ohio-584 (Ohio Ct. App. 8th Dist. Cuyahoga County 2002), holding that the officer's printing of his name instead of signing in cursive was sufficient to have satisfied the...

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Ohio DUI Blood Testing: Hemolysis

As blood testing becomes a more favored form of evidential testing in Ohio, attorneys must become familiar with flaws in the testing protocol which may create detriments to their clients.  One such area for consideration is the way in which the blood specimen is handled from collection site to the property room to the Court.Most blood specimens are collected in Vacutainer tubes which contain pre-measured amounts of preservatives and anticoagulants.  Mixing the specimen and the contents of the tube must be done in a prescribed manner involving the gentle inversion of the tube eight to ten times.   The blood must...

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Top 10 Rules For Dealing With The Ohio BMV

Protecting Your Ohio Driver’s License After Your OVI Case Dealing with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles after an OVI case can be a nightmare. So, you will want to avoid problems before they rear their ugly heads. Don't worry! You can make this as painless as possible by following these simple rules.  We are here to serve you. Call us at 1-888-ROWLAND or (937)318-1DUI before a minor issues results in major problems. 1. Make sure the Ohio BMV knows how to reach you. The burden is upon you to notify them of any address change. Courts will accept their statement that...

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Ohio State Patrol To Enforce Dram Shop Laws

 Dram shop is a legal term referring to a bar where alcoholic beverages are sold. Traditionally, it referred to a shop where spirits were sold by the dram, a small unit of liquid. Dram shop laws which are designed to make business establishments liable for the injuries or damages caused by persons to whom they have sold alcohol. For example, if a bar or tavern sells alcohol to a patron, and that patron then injures someone in a car accident, the dram shop law allows the plaintiff to recover damages from the bar as well as the intoxicated person. According to Ohio’s dram shop law, persons who...

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Appellate Decision: Rules (as written) Don’t Apply

A recent 10th District Court of Appeals decision in State v. Castle, 2012-Ohio-6028, decided on an interpretation of the Ohio Administrative Code that will allow the government to use both a BAC DataMaster or any other approved device to prosecute drunk driving cases in Ohio.  The court determined only the limited issue of whether the issuance of an operator access card under Ohio Adm.Code 3701-53- 09(D) prohibits the operator from performing breath tests using an instrument for which the operator also has been issued either an operator or senior operator permit under Ohio Adm.Code 3701-53-09(B)."The BAC DataMaster and Intoxilyzer 8000 are...

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